Shekinah Alleges Sabrina Petersen Had 3-Some With T.I. & Tiny, Recruited Other Women For The Couple

Shekinah Alleges Sabrina Petersen Had 3-Some With T.I. & Tiny, Recruited Other Women For The Couple

Shekinah Jo has joined the conversation in defense of her friend, Tiny Harrisas the singer is accused of drugging women and assaulting them with her husband, rapper T.I.

As previously reported, Tiny Harris’s former friend Sabrina Petersen, founder of The Glam University, accused T.I. of once holding a gun to her head

Tiny Harris then addressed Sabrina Petersen and questioned her claims.

Most recently, Sabrina Petersen shared other alleged victims’ stories on Instagram, as the women accused T.I. and Tiny of making them do drugs, and kidnapping them. See the allegations here.

Now, Shekinah Jo has shared her thoughts, alleging Sabrina Petersen is doing all of this to get attention from Tiny Harris.

“If Tiny would pay that h– some attention, she wouldn’t even be into it right now. She’s looking for attention! She wants Tiny! She’s obsessed with Tiny. She wants Tiny to be her girlfriend.”

She continued,

“It came out that Tip pulled a gun on her, right? Tip not the victim no more, and Tiny now is the alleged. How do we go from that? She don’ got mad at Tameka for taking up for her husband. She has a problem. She ain’t talked about nothing how she f—ed Tameka and Tip. I said what I said.”

She later said,

“Why she ain’t told y’all she one of the woman who used to recruit the b—-es for them to f—? What’s up? Now there goes the real tea…And she women empowerment. Why she ain’t tell y’all?”

She also said Sabrina was in T.I.’s sister, Precious’s hospital room just before she passed away.

“She was in Precious’s hospital room, putting sheets on Precious’s legs. Tip’s sister. She in the hospital room with Tip’s sister when this lady was not feeling good. And she wrapped that lady’s feet in some s—, and the next thing we know an hour later that lady was dead. She was dead. Yep, she went in there and did that to Tip’s mama.”

“She wrapped Precious up y’all I ain’t lying. She was in there touching Precious’s feet. Precious wasn’t dead yet… She was in there wrapping Precious’s feet y’all, I said ‘What is she doing in here?’ I took off running…”

Sabrina has since responded on Instagram.


T.I. and Tiny also trended on Twitter as fans reacted to the allegations against them.


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Authored by: Char Patterson