Wendy Williams Hopes Her Biopic Makes Her Ex-Husband ‘Regret The Day’ He Met Her

Wendy Williams, Kevin Hunter

Wendy Williams Hopes Her Biopic Makes Her Ex-Husband ‘Regret The Day’ He Met Her

It’s safe to say that Wendy Williams doesn’t want her old thing back. Her highly-anticipated biopic and documentary will be premiering tonight (January 30th) on Lifetime at 8/7c. Both projects are expected to showcase the highs and lows of Wendy Williams’s career and personal life, including the drama that took place with her now-ex-husband Kevin Hunter. During a recent interview, Wendy Williams shared that she hopes her biopic makes her ex-husband wish they never met. She said,

“Kevin was cheating on me early on after I said ‘I do.’ We were married for almost 22 years and we were together for 25 years. And Kevin…to me if you cheat on me and I found out about it, and it wasn’t this girl that he had the baby with. Kevin was a serial cheat. Kevin would just cheat. So if you’re cheating on me while you’re married to me then chances are you were probably cheating on me after our second date.”

She continued,

“When I love and I’m devoted and I’m loyal to you, that’s who I am. And when I’m going to get rid of you, when I am going to exact revenge, it’s going to be [a] long, swift, twisted, rusty knife.”

Wendy Williams added one final warning to her ex-husband and said,

“I hope that he alone wishes that he never met me. I hope he regrets the day that he ever met me.”

Wendy Williams & Kevin Hunter

In a separate interview with Insider, Wendy Williams shared some of her own wishes regarding her marriage to her ex-husband. When asked when did she feel her happiness in the marriage wasn’t there anymore the 56-year-old media mogul answered,

“The second year because that’s when I finally got successfully pregnant with [my son] young Kevin and gave birth to him.”

She continued,

“I went into the delivery room knowing in my mind, ‘I’m planning my divorce.” 

Wendy Williams added that her son and career are the reasons she didn’t end her marriage as soon as she initially planned.

“I couldn’t [leave] because the bigger the talk show got, and the more I would look into my son’s eyes … the more I decided to give of myself and I figured I’d get it on the back end, so to speak.”

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel