Wendy Williams’ Ex- Kevin Hunter Allegedly Tried To Put A Hit Out On Popular 90s Radio Personality Miss Jones

Wendy Williams’ Ex- Kevin Hunter Allegedly Tried To Put A Hit Out On Popular 90s Radio Personality Miss Jones


With the recent release of Wendy Williams’ biopic, several secrets and stories of the past are coming to light. During a recent video on her youtube channel, popular 90s radio personality, Miss Jones, shared some shocking information. Miss Jones was discussing the Wendy Williams biopic with a man by the name of Skeletor, who reportedly was once Wendy Williams’ assistant during her radio days. During the conversation, Miss Jones was asked about her past issues with Wendy Williams’ ex husband, Kevin Hunter. Jones revealed that Hunter allegedly tried to put a hit out on her while she was on vacation in Aruba. She says she found out about the alleged murder hit within the first day of her trip and that the government didn’t do anything to protect her.

“The government didn’t do sh**t. They didn’t do -and I didn’t do anything, because my husband at the time said he would take care of it. “

While she confirmed that Wendy had nothing to do with it, Miss Jones goes on to say that some people in Kevin and Wendy’s camp knew about the alleged hit and did not give her a warning.

“I really could have been taken out and this is what’s messed up. This only came out–the people at BLS in Wendy’s show supposedly knew about this because later on it came out in a lawsuit. I feel a way about that, because you have to put your own human decency in front of your job. And nobody from that camp bothered to say anything or send a little kite or nothing.”

Wendy Williams & Kevin Hunter


Miss Jones was later asked what happened to Wendy’s former assistant, Nicole Spence. Jones revealed that Spence tried to sue Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter.

“She’s [Nicole] the one that knew about the hit, and only brought it up in her court hearing when she was trying to sue Wendy and Kevin. Supposedly, allegedly, Kevin had been hitting on her and she told him to stop and he kept on. So that’s when she went to the station management, allegedly, to sue. And I hear that they wound up settling out of court because allegedly, she had proof of threesomes that she and Wendy and Kevin had been partaking in and BLS didn’t want the smoke and that’s why that sh*t went away.”

Allegedly, Nicole Spence later confirmed that Kevin Hunter tried to put a hit out on Miss Jones.

“In the interim when they got before the judge, she [Nicole Spence] said ‘oh and by the way, he [Kevin Hunter] tried to put a hit on her rival DJ at the other station'”.




Miss Jones  is a former R&B artist and radio personality who previously worked for WQHT in New York City and 103.9 The Beat and WUSL in Philadelphia. Miss Jones was the first black woman to host Morning Radio on a hip hop radio format. Some would say, Miss Jones and Wendy Williams were similar in their outgoing personality and no holds barred persona when discussing celebrity gossip. According to Jones, she and Wendy were actually on good terms but it was Kevin Hunter that didn’t want them to be too close due to Jones being Williams competition on the radio.


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Authored by: Monique Nicole