Eric B Laughs Off Wendy Williams’ Rental Car Claims: The Truth Is Something Different, Try That!

Wendy Williams, Eric B

Eric B Laughs Off Wendy Williams’ Rental Car Claims In Biopic: The Truth Is Something Different, Try That!

Just after Method Man’s wife reacted to Wendy Williams’ claims she had a one night stand with the rapper and actor, Eric B is the latest to address the daytime talk show host.

Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams’ biopic that aired on Lifetime over the weekend showed the now TV star dating hip-hop icon Eric B. The movie portrayed that they dated, and he didn’t have a car so she used her credit card to get him a rental. She accused him of going MIA with the car and damaging her credit. She also alleged that she was pregnant with his child but terminated the pregnancy because of how things allegedly ended.

He shared a throwback photo of him standing in front of a car with his name on the license plate. He added,

“D— I need a car”

He also wrote the caption,

“To hilarious I laughed to [sic] well it made for great Tv But the truth is something different Try that !!!!!!!”

Back in 2019, Wendy Williams opened up about her history with Eric B and said,

“A couple of very severe things happened to me while I was involved with Eric B., life lessons and you’ll see it because the movie’s a teachable moment. While it’s gonna be very dramatic, it’s a teachable moment.”

She then dished on Eric B, the DJ for rapper Rakim, getting arrested on a 17-year-old warrant. She told him,

“Good morning Eric. [Rakim] your boy celebrated his 56th birthday in jail. Don’t say ‘Awe.’ Not when I explain to you what he did to me. But you have to wait for the movie. I have a movie coming out. I need the ratings.”

Wendy Williams

Before that, she dished on being his side chick and said,

“Of course he had other women… I was still on top of my game in the radio career… I was making decent money… It wasn’t like I was some scrub.”

She added,

“I only took his pager number because that’s all he would give me, so obviously he’s cheating… Although we used to have good times together and go out on some great dates and stuff a lot of his visits would like after two o’clock in the morning. I would just accept it because the rappers in the studio… but I know that they use that a lot in terms of cheating…”

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Authored by: Char Patterson