Nick Cannon Prays With Audience Of Talk Show Amidst Revealing The Death Of Infant Son [VIDEO]

Nick Cannon Prays With Talk Show Audience Amidst Revealing Death of Infant Son

Nick Cannon is showing strength after a tragedy.

Just a day after announcing that his infant son, Zen, passed away from a brain tumor, Nick was seen before his talk show praying with the audience.

Before the show started, the entertainment mogul let the audience know that he believes in the energy being right before moving forward with with any activity in any space.

I need that energy. The world needs that energy. Can I pray with y’all?

Nick posted the video to his Instagram with the caption

“PRESHOW… Thank you everyone! We’re back LIVE!!!


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He prayed,

Lord heavenly father, we come before you as humbly as we know how father, to say thank you father, thank you for waking us up this morning, thank you for this opportunity … father like Psalms says thank you for being the deliverer, the fortress, and my rock father God, For being our strength father God, father we just ask for the energy, the motivation and that continued strength that allows your anointing to flow father we may not understand everything father we know your purpose is all for us to grow, father we know we fall short of your glory but never your grace and we ask all of these things in your favor father , in your wonderful universe father, our ancestors and sweet consciousness of Christ we pray, Amen

As previously reported. Nick Cannon announced Tuesday that his youngest child, 5-month-old son Zen, died of brain cancer. The talk show host explained that they took Zen, who was Cannon’s seventh child, to the doctor when he was 2 months old after they noticed that his head seemed larger than normal.

The doctors discovered fluid building up in Zen’s head and a malignant tumor that required brain surgery. Cannon then said that Zen’s health took a turn for the worse around Thanksgiving as the “tumor began to grow a lot faster.” Nick Cannon and Alyssa Scott welcomed Zen in June of 2021.

Let’s continue to keep their family in our prayers.

Authored by: April B