EXCLUSIVE: Kenya Moore Denies Breaking Girl Code By Discussing Porsha Williams Allegedly Hooking Up With Male Stripper, Says She Doesn’t Feel Guilty About Tanya Sam Allegedly Leaving The Show: She Exposed Herself

EXCLUSIVE: Kenya Moore Denies Breaking Girl Code By Discussing Porsha Williams Allegedly Hooking Up With Male Stripper, Says She Doesn’t Feel Guilty About Tanya Sam Allegedly Leaving The Show: She Exposed Herself

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore is spilling even more tea on the explosive season.

During an exclusive interview with theJasmineBRAND, the pageant queen spoke on rumors that a couple of her co-stars slept with a male stripper, Bolo, after he made an appearance at Cynthia Bailey’s bachelorette party earlier this season.

Kenya Moore received lots of criticism for talking about the alleged hookups on camera and accusing Porsha Williams of being one of the ladies she heard in a bedroom with Bolo.

She confirmed with us that producers often instruct cast members to discuss certain topics.

“Because it’s reality TV, we don’t have a script. Producers will remind you to bring up something that was talked about in a previous scene… You just never know where the information is coming from half the time. You have to stay on your toes… In that episode, while I was at the house, I remember before anyone was up I was going around to some of my girlfriends’ rooms and having conversations about it. I don’t think that was on camera.”

She also spoke on the argument that if she were in a room with Bolo in the wee hours of the morning, and one of her co-stars heard her, would she want them to have the reaction she did. She pointed out that her co-stars were upset with her for having a crab cake during the cast trip, which she was hosting, but not bringing any for them.

“They were dragging me over crab cakes!… I’m not responsible for [the] cast. We give them a list, we provided food, the refrigerator was full. If they don’t have a meal at 5:00, you’re kind of like on your own, so I ordered some food for myself. They do things to try to make me look like the bad guy. When I say ‘they’ I mean the cast. ‘Cause they know good and well I’m not responsible for feeding them.”


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She explained how cast trips work behind the scenes and said they designate someone to head each trip.

That person selects the house and activities. She addressed the criticism she received for also traveling via a private jet on the trip with newbie LaToya Ali, while their co-stars were transported on a bus.

“When it comes down to me choosing a bus, or me choosing transportation and things like that, that’s not up to me. I’m sorry I’m breaking the fourth wall, but that’s not up to me. The only reason I’m even talking about it is because they tried to make it appear as though this is somehow my fault they’re on the bus with no air, things like that, which is unfair…”

She added,

“I paid for my plane. Without too much detail, I chartered my own plane because I had to bring not only myself, my nanny, and my child – that’s already three people. It made sense for me to charter a flight than to get on a bus when she wasn’t even allowed to be around the cast mates.”

Going back to the Bolo drama, Kenya Moore reiterated that she doesn’t believe she broke girl code.

“That implies that I’m somehow snitching on my friend. We already know the people who are involved, and Porsha [Williams] clearly said I’m not her friend. So there’s no girl code if I’m not your girl.”

She said if it was one of her friends like Cynthia Bailey or Kandi Burruss, her approach would’ve been completely different.

Cynthia Bailey, Kenya Moore, Kandi Burruss

“If they were doing something inappropriate, we would’ve chatted about it, we would’ve had conversation about it, but it would not have been on camera. At the same time, my girlfriends wouldn’t engage in that kind of behavior. Kandi [Burruss] is the queen of all things freak nasty, and she owns it, and I love her for it because she’s living her life out loud regardless of who may judge her or who may not. She does not care, and that is why I’m a rider for her. She orchestrated the entire night, yet she didn’t engage in any of that behavior. Number one she’s married, and whatever their rules are, she definitely honors her husband.”


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She added,

“Some of those girls, and what they were doing, I would not want to be married to them because it was a real freak show and some had rings on… Even if the cameras were off, you should know not to engage in that kind of behavior if you’re married, or if you’re engaged…You’re getting banged out by a stripper, I think that’s pretty inappropriate.”

She said she would never take part in that activity even though she and her husband Marc Daly are currently having issues.

LaToya Ali

She addressed her friend, LaToya Ali saying she was ruining their fun.

“She has a right to her opinion. I think a lot of the things that she did, she didn’t want people to know so that is where all of this angst against me comes from is because they wanted to take the party to another level…I’m going to protect my girl as much as I can but if they didn’t want their business out I just feel like well then don’t do it on a reality TV show where there are still cameras recording you. Even if it’s not video, there’s sound and like you saw there were cameras outside that caught them.”

She went on to speak on Porsha Williams’ kiss with LaToya Ali and said,

“I wasn’t jealous because I don’t want her like that. She’s my girlfriend. I think what I had the problem with is her behavior…I  move a certain way and I have people in your circle and that I trust. I’ve said to her many things about my family, about my child, about my situation, and so I’m allowing her to be privy to really personal information and I feel like she should have that in a lockbox and protect everything that I’m telling her because she’s my friend.”
She continued,
“When I saw her behaving that way it just…honestly just turned me off because it wasn’t just Porsha, it was a lot of other people. She actually kissed Drew [Sidora] that night too. They were making out… it’s just like okay you’re over here then you’re over here then you’re over here. The entire scene turned me off so it wasn’t just about one person.”
She also said LaToya didn’t defend her when the cast members took issue with Kenya Moore bringing her daughter on the trip.
As for Tanya Sam, who confessed she was in the room while things were going down, Kenya Moore said she has yet to return to the show after the fallout. Kenya said she didn’t feel guilty about the ordeal despite Tanya Sam having a long-time fiancée Paul Judge. 

Tanya Sam, Paul Judge

“She exposed herself…she put herself in that room. I never said her name, so that’s one. Two, she’s grown…she has to live with her decisions. She made a point that I wasn’t her friend or you know the same as Porsha, so no I don’t. And number three, I would not want any relationship to suffer from what other people do. But then you have to consider that before you do the behavior that you’re involved in…You can’t blame someone else for your actions period…You don’t know what kind of relationship they have or what they’re into or what they like. That might be something that’s acceptable for them. She said on the bus that, you know, kind of alluded to [them having] threesomes before and things like that. To be quite honest, I don’t know what Tanya did in that room. I can’t say she engaged with the stripper. I know she was in the room because she told us she was in the room…”
She then spoke on her and Marlo Hampton finally ending their feud that has been going strong since season 9.

“I’ve always liked Marlo. I think I understand her on a different level than a lot of people. I know what her triggers are and unfortunately, it wasn’t cool what she said. She did cross the line. She continued to berate me insults consistently after she was the cause of us falling out. However, her opinion is she wasn’t the cause. It was because I didn’t invite her to my housewarming party, and I invited her enemy at the time, which was you know a former cast member. I know that we were close enough. She’s visited me in L.A. at my home, we would go out toe at together, we would talk on the phone. She was a cool friend to me and I think through her pain she lashed out and hit me below the belt. Unfortunately, it was just such a low blow that I was like I can’t, that’s it. That’s just so unkind and inhuman. I can’t be your friend. You don’t know when to stop…Now we are in a great place because we’re just tire of fighting each other. We actually really do like each other. But we just hurt each other to the point where it was a point of no return. Am I a forgiving person? Yes. Because she wanted me to accept her apology and was very genuine with me… I said you know what, I’m going to give you a chance but I’m going to pay attention more to your actions than your words, and that’s how I am with everyone…”

Kenya Moore, Porsha Williams

As for whether she and Porsha will ever be on good terms again, Kenya said,

“I don’t dislike Porsha…I just dislike the fact that I was a genuine friend to her. I had supported her for years… For me, it’s what I do off camera. Forget about what you see on camera. It’s the things that I would do to extend myself and be vulnerable with her off camera, which to me, is the most genuine. The Porsha you se on TV is not who she actually is and that is what I have a problem with. I don’t think she is capable of being a friend to anyone. I think most of the time I never say never and I’m a forgiving person. I think we worked our way back from her pulling my hair. I think that anything is possible.”

She concluded with discussing her relationship with Marc Daly, who she found out filed for divorce on the show. She clarified that he withdrew the divorce 24 hours later, and wanted to make it clear he didn’t want spousal support.
“We don’t have any divorce action in any court right now. He has not filed, I have not filed and that’s where we are…We’re not together right now, we’re still separated. We’ve been going through court issues like meditation and things like that. Sometimes we hit a brick road and then he’ll react to that…”

Kenya Moore, Marc Daly

She said ultimately, she wants them to be able to co-parent their daughter Brooklyn. She added that she doesn’t plan on dating until their divorce is final.

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