T.I. & Tiny – 6 More Women Accuse Couple Of Sexual Assault, Military Worker & Woman Who Says She Was Assaulted At 17

T.I. & Tiny

T.I. & Tiny – 6 More Women Accuse Couple Of Sexual Assault, Military Worker & Woman Who Says She Was Assaulted At 17

The disturbing allegations against T.I. and Tiny Harris aren’t slowing down. Six new women have accused the couple of sexual assault. Tyrone A. Blackburn, a lawyer who is already representing eight women and three men (who say the couple allegedly made terrorist threats against them), said he heard from half a dozen additional ladies who made similar claims, according to The Daily Beast.

The new alleged victims include a stripper, a member of the military, and a 22-year-old who was an intern at one of T.I.’s studios in high school. They claim that the couple, or one of their friends, date raped them before allegedly sexually assaulting them.

Blackburn, who previously pushed for charges to be filed against T.I. and Tiny, said in a new statement Monday (March 8th):

“If I was a prosecutor, I’d have brought charges already. These women are unaware of each other, and without any leading on my part, they recount eerily similar events of sexual abuse, forced ingestion of illegal narcotics, kidnapping, terroristic threats, and false imprisonment.”

He also calls for officials to

“tackle and end the stream depravity being committed [by T.I. and Tiny].”

He added,

“These women have come forward because there’s a void that has been left in their lives and the people that created the void are Clifford and Tameka Harris. Granted, the void can never be fully filled, but at least it can be put back together if these cases are handled with care, are thoroughly investigated, indictments are executed, and the Harrises are prosecuted.”

He added that two of the women are not asking for money.

She said the rapper allegedly brought her to the back of the tour bus so she could “cool off” and allegedly made remarks about how she looked. She said she went unconscious and the next thing she knew, she was “naked on a bed…bleeding from her vagina.”
The allegation also says she “felt discomfort in her anus.”
One of the couple’s workers took her home the next day and allegedly told her “she needs to learn to keep her mouth shut” and if not, “bad things could happen to her and her family.”
She then began to lose control of her bowels and was later hospitalized. While there, she was informed that she experienced “trauma to her anal cavity due to intense anal penetration.”
The military worker, who was in the U.S. Air Force, said she met T.I. and Tiny in a Los Angeles nightclub in 2005. She went with them to a hotel, took a sip of Tiny Harris’s drink, and allegedly began to feel “dizzy and light-headed.”
She said she showered with the couple as Tiny washed her and T.I. before attempting to give her a “back butt massage.”
She said she ultimately lost consciousness and when she came to she had “a very sore vagina and a towel covering her.”
T.I. and Tiny’s lawyer reacted to the new allegations and told DailyMail.com: 
“The Harrises continue to deny in the strongest possible terms these groundless and unjustified allegations. When Blackburn finally exposes his anonymous accusers to the light of day by revealing their names, we will be in a position to confront his allegations. Hiding their identities makes it impossible for me to do so now. We fully expect if the claims are fairly investigated, no charges will be brought.”
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