Rapper Chika’s Latest Tweets Concerns Fans As She Writes “I Tend To Leave, This Time For Good, Later” + She Later Says “I’m Okay & Getting Professional Help”

Rapper Chika’s Latest Tweets Concerns Fans: I Tend To Leave, This Time For Good, Later Reassures: I’m Okay & Getting Professional Help

Rapper Jane Chika Oranika, known professionally as “Chika”, had her fans fearing for her life after she began posting a series of cryptic tweets on Twitter on Monday (July 13th.)

Before posting her messages she posted a letter that said

“I always go, I tend to leave, this time for good, remember me.”

The Montgomery, Alabama native then posted “Rather be anywhere else” and,

“I’m trying my best to remember the good things about life. I’m trying to reach out to friends. I’m trying to put the pain into music instead of internalizing it. But I can’t right now.”

Shortly after, fans started praising her and uplifting her in the comments of her posts, and sending positive vibes her way, and some even posted links to therapists.

Chika updated her fans letting them know that she was doing okay and that she was with a friend helping her seek professional help.

Lena Waithe

‘The Chi’ creator and writer Lena Waithe then hopped in to let her know she’s not alone saying: “We got you.”

Chika replied and told her,

“Thank you for taking care of me.”

Chika rose to fame after posting her “A Letter To Kanye Omari West” video that went viral in 2018. Chika says she got the concept while sitting at a table with her two roommates, disappointed at Kanye West publicly endorsing  Donald Trump’s policies.

“I wrote it from the perspective of what everyone was thinking in that moment, and I just remember writing it and getting chills.”

Check out her first single “No Squares” below:

We’re glad Chika’s okay!

Authored by: Demi Lobo