Eddie Murphy Says He’s ‘The Most Comfortable I’ve Ever Been In My Skin’ At 60

Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy Says He’s ‘The Most Comfortable I’ve Ever Been In My Skin’ At 60

Eddie Murphy might have reached legendary status years ago, but the comedian and actor revealed to Oprah Winfrey that he’s just now getting comfortable with himself at 60 years old.

In a preview of his upcoming sit-down with the media mogul for The Oprah Conversation, Oprah Winfrey explains:

“When I turned 60, I realized I was more secure in being myself than I’ve ever been. Maya Angelou had said to me that your fifties is all that you’ve been meaning to be, I feel that I fulfilled that. Turning 60 was a level of security that’s really pretty solid.”

She then asks Eddie Murphy, who turned 60 on April 3, about his perspective. He tells her,

“I’m the most comfortable I’ve ever been in my skin. I feel great and optimistic and totally comfortable in Eddie. I always was comfortable in my skin, but not like now.”

In a separate interview, he previously opened up about being famous and a father of 10 and said,

“I am going to be 60 in April and I have all these babies. I love fatherhood. The whole idea of being out there and doing three movies a year, that s— is over … I found over and over again and along the way I realized that if you put your children first you never make a bad decision.

“When you hit a crossroads moment or you have got some s—, you think, ‘Well, what is best for my children?’ If you go that route then you never make a bad decision.”
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Authored by: Char Patterson