DJ Mustard Blasts His Personal Shopper For Stealing Over $50K: She Ran Up $15K In Louis Vuitton Alone

DJ Mustard Blasts His Personal Shopper For Stealing Over $50K: She Ran Up $15K In Louis Vuitton Alone

DJ Mustard is calling out his personal shopper on Instagram, alleging she stole more than $50,000 from him.

He took to his Instagram stories Monday (April 12th) to blast a woman named Karissa C. Walker, who he called a “thief”. He wrote that while she appeared to be his stylist, she was really just a personal shopper for him and his wife, Chanel. 

DJ Mustard, wife Chanel

“We let her use the [stylist] word so she could get business but the truth is she did nothing but shop!!!”

He continued with the allegations against her and wrote,

“Today I found out that she ran my credit cards up over 50K buying stuff for her self !!!! Purses shoes shades and other stuff”

He added,

“I’m hot and I’m only writing this so nobody else deals with her shes bad for [business]!!!! I have all the receipts to prove everything… I [paid] her more than she was worth cause I don’t play with taking care of people that do [their] jobs this is f***ing crazy and just wrong !!!!”

The producer then shared a text conversation between him and the woman that showed him confronting her about the purchases. She asked if they could “hop on a call”, which he didn’t seem interested in doing. He questioned her about running up his card and she apologized, stating her “temptation ran to greed.”


He went on to say he had more receipts, adding

 “I just wanted to show yall what her reply was when she got [caught]”

While he initially said she spent $50,000 on herself, he added that it could be as high as $100,000 as he’s waiting for more receipts to come in so he can see what the damage really is. He alleged she spent $15,000 on herself in a Louis Vuitton store.

He said in his final post that he couldn’t believe she went this far for Instagram likes, pointing out that he paid her $72,000 a year to shop for him.

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Authored by: Char Patterson