Renni Rucci Opens Up About Plastic Surgery In Now-Deleted Tweets: The Gym Does Not Fix Everything

In a series of now-deleted tweets in the early hours of May 3rd, Renni Rucci opened up about her plastic surgery to some of her fans. It appears as though one user inquired about why the “Solid Chick” rapper decided to go under the knife, and Renni Rucci answered honestly.
In addition to discussing getting her hips done, Renni Rucci mentioned her tummy tuck and her post-op “phantom itches.”
The rapper went on to provide advice to others interested in plastic surgery–particularly regarding people being specific during their consultations.
Renni Rucci finished up her candid discussion with a statement for those who disagree with plastic surgery, writing,
“The gym does not fix everything and that’s the first thing a mf wanna scream…  let people do wtf they wanna do with their bodies and FYI everything ain’t about ‘weight’ sometimes that physical alteration is helping someone in an area you can’t see or touch.
However, Renni Rucci has deleted all of the aforementioned tweets. The rapper claimed “they runined the conversation for me,” apparently referencing those against plastic surgery who began to express their opinions on the matter.

Renni Rucci also made headlines earlier this year for her involvement in various music industry squabbles. She took issue with Mulatto for claiming to be “the biggest” “Beatbox (Freestyle)”–which Renni Rucci has apparently claimed for herself. Also, rapper FoogianoRenni Rucci‘s partner–threatened Trey Songz from prison after the “Neighbors Know My Name” singer poster her on his story in a bikini.
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Authored by: Nick Alexander Fenley