Mulatto Fans React To Rapper Officially Changing Her Name To ‘Latto’

Mulatto Fans React To Rapper Officially Changing Her Name To ‘Latto’

Mulatto has a new name after receiving lots of backlash for her now-former stage name.

It looks like Mulatto (born Alyssa Michelle Stephens) goes by Latto (also Big Latto). Mulatto faced plenty of criticism for calling herself the term, which means a person who is mixed with white and Black ancestry. Many have also said it is a colorist term.

The new name isn’t too shocking as she’s referred to herself as Big Latto in recent weeks.

In the latest, she spoke on changing her name in a video as she teased new music earlier this month. She rapped,

“The blogs wanna know who I’m fu****n. Rap b*****s ain’t talking ’bout nothing. F**k it. I’ll change my name, but I’ll bet they still gonna find something.  ‘Y’all ain’t bully me out my s**t. Drop hits I still ain’t miss. New money, new crib, new whip, new name, I’m still that b***h.”

Her name was later changed to Latto on music streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.


While her handle on Instagram and Twitter is still @mulatto, her name on the social media platform is Big Latto.

She trended on Twitter Tuesday morning (May 18th), as some fans suggested her new name isn’t any better, while others said she shouldn’t have changed it to begin with.

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Authored by: Char Patterson