T.I. & Tiny – Las Vegas Police Won’t Investigate Sexual Assault Claims Against Couple, Outside Statute Of Limitations

T.I. & Tiny – Las Vegas Police Won’t Investigate Sexual Assault Claims Against Couple, Outside Statute Of Limitations

Update #2 (May 19th): T.I. and Tiny will not have to face sexual assault allegations against them in Las Vegas.

A woman reported her claims with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department on May 8th, but since she said the alleged incident happened in 2010, her accusations are not within Nevada’s statute of limitations.

For police to look into a sexual assault case in the state, a report has to be made within 20 years, based on a 2015 law. Still, before that, the statute was four years. Since the 2015 legislation isn’t retroactive, incidents that happened before 2015 are subject to the four-year rule, according to Las Vegas Review-Journal. 

The Clark County district attorney’s office evaluated the details of the alleged incident and the statute of limitations regulations, police said.

Ultimately, Las Vegas police have closed her case, explaining in a statement:

“Based on this, the case was closed, which is standard procedure for crimes reported outside of the statute.”

Original Story (May 18th): Rapper T.I. (real name Clifford Harris) and his wife, R&B singer Tiny Harris, (real name Tameka Cottle-Harris) are under investigation for alleged sexual assault by the Los Angeles Police Department.

As reported by The Daily Beast, the unnamed alleged victim virtually met with LAPD detectives last month. The woman claims the alleged assault took place back in 2005, and an LAPD spokesperson reportedly confirmed the investigation is still ongoing.

The alleged victim met T.I. and Tiny Harris out at a club and accepted a sip of Tiny Harris’s drink. Shortly thereafter, she claimed to have been invited back to the couple’s hotel room with other women, and–when she was alone with T.I. and Tiny–the three allegedly showered together. The Daily Beast reports that, just a short while later, T.I. allegedly inserted his toes into the woman’s private area. She began to feel ill at this point and is alleged to have said “no” to T.I. before throwing up in the bathroom. She claims to have lost consciousness shortly thereafter and woke up with a “very sore” and “burning” genital area.

The LAPD’s investigation comes just after a woman filed a report with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department with similar claims. The woman, named Rachelle Jenks, claims Tiny approached her at a bathroom at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas. After accepting her invite back to their hotel room, Jenks allegedly accepted a shot as well as MDMA from T.I. and Tiny. According to the police report:

“After taking it, [T.I.] attempted to remove her clothes, which Jenks said no as he was being too aggressive and moving too quickly.”

The report continues:

“Jenks states that she believes the initial shot of Patron was spiked and because she was drugged and under the influence, she was not able to properly consent to the events that transpired.”

Jenks then alleges T.I. raped her and forced her to have sex with random women. In the aftermath of the alleged assault, Jenks claims:

“Life has never been the same. I have been sick and confused.”

The LVMPD has not confirmed whether or not the investigation into Jenks‘ claims is active.

In response to the accusations levied against T.I. and Tiny, their attorney Steve Sadow told PEOPLE:

“The Harrises have not spoken to or been contacted by the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), the Las Vegas Police Department (LVPD) or, indeed, any member of law enforcement from any other jurisdiction in the country.”

Steve Sadow continued:

“Even assuming the story in the Daily Beast is close to accurate, it appears the LAPD ‘accuser’ has chosen once again to remain anonymous, thereby preventing us from being in a position to disprove or refute her allegations — or even examine them. Meanwhile, although we now appear for the first time to have the name of an ‘accuser’ who supposedly filed a police report with LVPD, we have absolutely zero details about her or her claim.”

T.I. and Tiny have been embroiled in sexual assault allegations for the majority of this year. Following Sabrina Peterson’s allegations back in January (she accuse T.I. of once pointing a gun at her head), various accusations from multiple women have come forth–putting the number of accusers in at least the low double-digits.

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Authored by: Nick Fenley