EXCLUSIVE: Noelle Robinson, Daughter of Cynthia Bailey, Admits She Only Watches The ‘Messiest’ Episodes Of ‘RHOA’, Talks Coming Out As Sexually Fluid & Pressure Of Growing Up W/ Famous Parents

Noelle Robinson, Cynthia Bailey

EXCLUSIVE: Noelle Robinson, Daughter of Cynthia Bailey, Admits She Only Watches The ‘Messiest’ Episodes Of ‘RHOA’, Talks Coming Out As Sexually Fluid & Pressure Of Growing Up W/ Famous Parents

In an exclusive interview with theJasmineBRAND, Noelle Robinson gave insight into her rising career, what it’s like being the child of two celebrities, and dished on how dating as a young person in the spotlight can be. Many people fell in love with Noelle Robinson, 21, when she first appeared alongside her mother, Cynthia Bailey, on the popular reality TV series The Real Housewives Of Atlanta in 2010. Since then the world has watched Noelle Robinson face many important milestones within her life including graduating from high school, starting college, and coming out as sexually fluid. During our interview with Noelle Robinson, she revealed that as popular as RHOA is she doesn’t watch the show as often as some might think. She said,

“Honestly I don’t watch [RHOA]. I watch- what I do is I watch like the messiest episode of every season. So I watch one episode per season.”

When asked how does she know which episode will be the most drama-filled Noelle shared that she uses Cynthia Bailey’s reactions to gauge which one is going to be the messiest. According to Noelle, her mom seemed nervous about the infamous bachelorette episode from the recently wrapped season so that’s the episode she decided to watch.

“She always gets a little like ‘oh I don’t know how this episode’s gonna air.’ So this time it was her bachelorette party, by far. Obviously, you know, it was the most scandalous. So she was like ‘…I’m so nervous for this to come out.’ So of course I’m like ‘okay, I gotta watch it.’”

She continued and said that the awkwardness her mom had during the episode is genuinely how she is in real life.

“She’s really like how she is. She was really nervous and uncomfortable and kind of like being a prude. And she’s really like that with me too! So I was like it’s crazy to see that she’s not just pretending, you know, as a mom.”

During a previous season of RHOA, Noelle came out to her mom and the viewers of the series as sexually fluid. While chatting with us she shared what it was like experiencing such a truth-revealing moment in the public’s eye. She said,

“I was definitely kinda nervous to put [my sexuality] out there because, you know, I know a lot of people have different opinions about how you should and should not live your life. But honestly, that is my reality. And I wouldn’t want to be in a situation where the information was to surface and it wasn’t in a positive light.”


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The ladies of the Housewives franchise are known for being shady and reading each other from time to time. Noelle opened up and told us how she deals with the drama her mom faces while being on RHOA.

“I feel like I have to kind of shut that [over protectiveness] off when it comes to certain things that I see on the show. Like, obviously I can’t -this is her job, you know, and it’s a reality show so there’s gonna be a reasonable amount of drama that’s gonna happen, you know. So I can’t be like ‘oh this is crazy! I can’t believe you!’”

Noelle added that, unlike her mom, she doesn’t see the other leading ladies of RHOA too often.

Rumors recently surfaced that Bravo was creating a ‘The Real Housewives’ spin-off that would feature the children of the famous reality TV ladies. Noelle exclusively cleared up these rumors for theJasmineBRAND and revealed that isn’t true. According to the young actress, Bravo misworded the situation and there isn’t an upcoming show. Instead, she, and others, were featured on a special episode of Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen. Noelle said,   

“I think that when they were breaking the news- I think the way that they worded it made people think that we were actually going to do a tv show and that’s actually not what was happening. We’re actually… it was just the special, you know, that we did for an hour and that was it. But I think the way that they captioned it was kind of misleading.” 

She added

“I definitely haven’t been contacted for a show. So I think that that’s what they were talking about with the Watch What Happens Live special.”

Even though Noelle might not be getting her own Bravo reality show soon she’s still working and making moves within her own career. The LA-based model gave us updates on how her modeling career has been going since she moved to the west coast. 

“I’m really getting a lot of bookings now in my career which I’m super excited about. I actually just did a Dove campaign that also just started airing on Bravo TV as well and that was super exciting. I had a great time doing that. And I just did a Shea Moisture campaign as well and I have some different campaigns that I’ve been working on that will be coming out soon!” 

She added, 

“I’m loving LA – I’m  just- honestly, I feel like this is a period in my life where I’ve really been growing and focusing on what’s important.” 


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Noelle is definitely thriving in her career and her model mom, Cynthia Bailey, isn’t the only famous parent whose footsteps she’s following. Noelle’s dad is famous actor Leon Robinson, who is known by many for his role in classic films like The Temptations and The Five Heartbeats. Noelle filled us in on what it’s like growing up with a famous dad.

“I definitely have seen a couple of [my dad’s] movies. There was a certain point in which I was- like there are certain movies that he didn’t want me to watch for a long time. But obviously, I’m old enough now so I can watch, you know, all of them.”

When asked if it’s weird seeing her dad on screen in so many different films she said,

“There was a movie, don’t quote me on this, I think it’s ‘Little Richard ‘, where he was in a thong and I was like I literally could have went my whole life without seeing this. seriously I could have.”

She added,

“Even my friends- some of my friends are like ‘your dad is so fine and I’m like ‘please stop.’”

Noelle seems to be close with both her mom and dad. However, she shared that having two famous parents and growing up on reality TV adds extra pressure to her life.

“I am growing up and I do want to do stuff that 21-year-olds do in my own privacy. And I feel like sometimes when I do the regular things that everybody’s doing I get judged, like you know, twice as much.”

She added,

“It is a lot of pressure sometimes because I do have these great parents and I never want to
do anything that’s going to be a bad reflection of them.”

News recently broke that Noelle Robinson was no longer together with her girlfriend. Before our time with the young star wrapped she shared that she wants her next relationship to be more private. She said,

“I’m not usually in public relationships and I probably won’t be super public with my dating life going forward.”

She added

“ I think [that relationship] served what it needed to serve for me and I definitely wish her all the best.”

“I don’t regret it tho, honestly. I think everything in my life is supposed to happen for a reason and now I know how it feels to have a public relationship.”

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel