Alexis Skyy & Lira Galore Have Heated Confrontation With Akbar V After Attending The Same Night Club

Alexis Skyy, Lira Galore, Akbar

Alexis Skyy & Lira Galore Get Into Altercation With Akbar V After Attending The Same Night Club

There seems to be drama brewing between socialites Alexis Skyy, Lira Galore, and rapper Akbar V. Videos have recently surfaced online of Alexis Skyy and Lira Galore almost getting into a physical altercation late last night (May 30) with Akbar V. It’s unclear what triggered the issues between the ladies but in one video Alexis Skyy and Lira Galore can be seen walking out of a nightclub together before Akbar V follows them outside. Alexis Skyy can be heard shouting ‘Akbar, what are you doing?’ before chaos ensued and people attempted to get between the two former Love & Hip Hop castmates.

Another video shows Akbar V being pinned against a party bus while people seemingly work on getting Alexis Skyy and her friends onto the bus and away from the situation.

Following the incident Akbar V temporarily made her social media accounts private.


She also went on a Twitter rant and fired off several tweets about Alexis Skyy and Lira Galore.

She then alleged that the argument started over people thinking she was looking at them.

Lira Galore took to her Instagram stories and responded to Akbar V.

Alexis Skyy took to her IG stories as well to share her take on what happened. 

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel