Lira Galore Clears Up Drug Use Rumors With  Negative Test Results: For The Last Time, I Do NOT Do Drugs

Lira Galore Clears Up Drug Use Rumors With  Negative Test Results: For The Last Time, I Do NOT Do Drugs

Model and entrepreneur Lira Galore set the record straight after speculation that she was abusing drugs.

Lira Galore posted a video of negative drug test results on Instagram Thursday (Dec. 10th). She added the caption:

“So I did a thing …..for personal reasons no one made me do this but I’m tired of constantly having to defend myself if I decide to have a little damn fun ..Thank you for all the concerned messages ! However , im not going through anything & I usually don’t clear things up bc I don’t care what ppl think of me bc y’all don’t kno me in real life …I also don’t care what a mf said I did/do ! So for the LAST time I do not do drugs . Weed, ion pop pills, sip lean etc etc . I like tequila & hookah !!”

She also posted the company she went through the drug test and her accompanying test results.

Lira Galore addressed a video from her Instagram live that went viral earlier this week. The clip showed her slurring her words, drinking liquor, and weaving her head around. While some fans said her behavior showed the effects of alleged drug use, Lira Galore said she was just drunk.

“Even tho The video circulating from Monday nights game night is not the best representation of me but it also was a very small piece of the night that was meant to be innocent & game filled . When I get my mommy breaks I like to have game night like 1 day out the month & get lit w my friends & If you kno me in real life, if it’s shot o clock it’s shot o clock & we goin to the moon … my friends know I like to have fun & make sure everyone else is having fun too .. I clearly Lost TOO many games of Drunk UNO bc OH BOY…
but I’m human like the rest of y’all ok! Let’s not forget that! I wanna do hoodrat things w/ my friends too! & y’all be so quick to pass judgement & look down on others when it really don’t even be that tf deep ! I was at home/ baby free BIG vibing …but I assure u I’m good!!”


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She concluded her caption by talking about bullies and the comments of Internet haters, reminding people to be kind.

“Also, the things some of you get on Beyoncé’s internet & say unwarranted & unprovoked it’s disgustingly mean & no one cares until something happens to someone . Then it’s “let’s stick together”, “be kind”, w/ a little sprinkle of mental health references. Not only are u all loud & wrong, Y’all are mean . & it’s not okay! Btw hair follicle samples go back 90 F**KIN DAYS now stop playin w me in the comments!”

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Authored by: Toi Monèt Creel