Sabrina Peterson Blasts ‘Dummy’ T.I. After He References Sexual Assault Claims In New Video: Victim Shaming Is NOT Okay!

Sabrina Peterson Blasts ‘Dummy’ T.I. After He References Sexual Assault Claims In New Video: Victim Shaming Is NOT Okay!

Update #2 (June 8th – 1:15pm EST) Sabrina Peterson has responded to T.I.’s latest video and comments about sexual assault claims against him.

She took to her Instagram page, which she has now made private, and shared a message that reads:

“I have been in federal trouble before, no matter how the public feels about they can’t save you. Since your million dollar team won’t tell you I will. You aren’t taunting me you are taunting your investigators. You aren’t taunting me you are igniting more women that have stayed quiet that you victimized.”

She ended with writing the word “DUMMY” in large font.

She added more in the caption.

Original Story (June 8th – 10:21 am EST) T.I. continues to reference the sexual assault allegations against him and Tameka “Tiny” Cottle-Harris in a new music video.

Last night (Monday, June 7th), T.I. released the official music video for his song “What It’s Come To.” As previously reported, the song’s lyrics contain multiple references to T.I. and Tiny‘s alleged sexual assault victims. These references include:

“The object of the game is kill the king/ So ’til the blade meet my neck on the guillotine/ But imma be standing tall like a statue/ N***a fuck that he-say-she-say if the receipt say that s**t ain’t factual.”

He continues:

“…I’m up against some lying-a** b*****s / Damn, this is what it come to.”

Now, with the song’s music video, T.I. is continuing to reference the sexual assault allegations. For context, T.I. and Tiny have been accused of assaulting more than 30 people over the course of 15 years.

The “What It’s Come To” video opens with audio of Sabrina Peterson, who accused the couple of holding her at gunpoint. Specifically, the audio is taken from a video she made in which she asks the couple to own up to their alleged act, saying in part:

“Tell the truth about what you did to me and apologize, and I’m gone. I don’t want one dime. Apologize, and I’m gone. And here’s the other stipulation: do it within 7 days.”


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Sabrina Peterson‘s audio is overlaid with a laugh track, seemingly poking fun at her request. Additionally, the opening visuals show various reports and notes on the couple’s sexual assault allegations beside photos of T.I. and Tiny.

Shortly thereafter, a quote appears onscreen, reading:

“‘A toxic person will create drama and then portray themself as the victim.’ -Syreeta Butler, M.A., LMFT”

The actual song begins playing at this point. As T.I. lip-syncs, various screenshots of reports on him and Tiny sporadically pop up on the screen. Additionally, a woman labeled “The Parasite” is shown standing in front of the aforementioned array of reports and notes on the couple–implying that the allegations were planned and orchestrated. Presumably, this woman is meant to represent Sabrina Peterson.

At this point, the woman labeled “The Parasite” is shown sending a text to various women, asking:

“Who want get a bag & remain anonymous? [sic]”

Then, the other women are shown responding to the text, doubling-down on T.I.‘s implications that his alleged victims made up their allegations for financial gain.

The woman dubbed “The Parasite” is then shown writing up a “Game Plan,” reading “create story, find fake victims, huge payout.” She then visits an attorney, who is portrayed as inappropriate within the video. Presumably, the attorney is Tyrone Blackburn, who’s representing multiple alleged victims in the case.

Attorney Tyrone Blackburn

Towards the very end of the video, the attorney and the woman dubbed “The Parasite” are shown walking outside as the Sabrina Peterson audio begins to play again. Then, a piano drops out of the sky and crushes the two, followed by “7 Days Later” appearing onscreen–appearing to reference her request from T.I.

The full video can be seen below:

Neither Sabrina Peterson nor Tyrone Blackburn have publicly commented on the video.

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Authored by: Nick Fenley