Kel Mitchell’s Ex-Wife, Tyisha Hampton, Implies He Abused Her As She Responds To Domestic Violence Order He Filed Against Her

Kel Mitchell, Tyisha Hampton

Kel Mitchell Ex-Wife, Tyisha Hampton, Implies He Abused Her As She Responds To Domestic Violence Order He Filed Against Her

The drama between Kel Mitchell and his ex-wife, Tyisha Hampton, continues. Tyisha Hampton is claiming that her ex, former Nickelodeon star Kel Mitchell, has filed a falsified domestic suit against her in hopes of not having to pay the alleged large sum of money he owes in unpaid child support and tax debt. The actress recently took to her TikTok and shared a video asking for advice that can assist with her battle against Kel Mitchell. She also seemingly accused Kel Mitchell of being the abuser in their relationship. Towards the start of the 3-minute video a text post appears that reads,

“The audacity of the abuser!!”



As the video continues and Tyisha Hampton says,

“We’re all familiar with domestic violence.”

“We were married for 10 years and our marriage didn’t work out. And because I wanted to get a divorce and I was absolutely done and I wouldn’t allow him to cheat on me he said that he would make my life miserable, and he’s definitely tried to make my life miserable.”

She continues,

“In fact, he continues to abuse me. I mean he abused me physically, mentally and he continues to abuse me and our children financially. Committing financial abuse by continuously refusing to pay anything.”

Hampton adds,

Tomorrow I have a court hearing and at that hearing my ex, Kel Mitchell attempted to use…no he didn’t attempt he actually did, file a domestic violence hearing in regards to my [previous] TikToks or my posts.”

“He wants me to stop talking about my life but it’s a free country and it’s my first amendment right.”

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Hampton also shared a follow-up TikTok video to update people on how the court date went. According to the 15-second clip, the judge presiding over the case dismissed Kel’s motion and ruled that Hampton is free to say what she pleases online due to the first amendment.

@deadbeatdadkelmitchell#familylaw #domesticviolence #youoweme #backchildsupport #financialabuse #whitepower #pro-white #payyourexkel? original sound – Apple User673732557

Kel Mitchell has yet to directly respond to his ex’s current claims but he did share a tweet today, July, 8, encouraging fans to find the positive in situations even when it’s hard.

As previously reported, this past March Hampton revealed via her TikTok that Kel allegedly owes her $1.2 million in unpaid child support and tax debt. Kel seemingly responded to her claims and shared Offset’s song Clout (and the lyrics) with a cap Emoji to his Instagram.

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel