Moneybagg Yo & Pooh Shiesty Concert Canceled Over Fear Of Gang Activity

Moneybagg Yo, Pooh Shiesty

Moneybagg Yo & Pooh Shiesty Concert Canceled Over Fear Of Gang Activity

MoneyBagg Yo and Pooh Shiesty fans in North Carolina won’t be able to see their favorite rappers in concert at the end of this month. According to reports, a local music festival that featured MoneyBagg Yo and Pooh Shiesty, and was scheduled to take place in Winston-Salem on July 31, has been called off by the city over fear of potential gang violence. The now-canceled music festival’s lineup reportedly included other big-name rappers such as Latto, formally known as Mulatto, and Renni Rucci.

The NC Beat reports that the promotion company, Starr Entertainment, for the event is now suing the city for canceling the concert at the Winston-Salem Fairgrounds. According to the court documents, Starr Entertainment claims the city signed the contract on June 9th but on June 21st, the City’s Attorney’s Office breached the contract by telling them the event has to be canceled.

Starr Entertainment’s lawyer said,

“The City’s decision here to cancel the event based on some perceived threat of gang violence is completely unsupported by the facts and completely unsupported by frankly what it is that they were able to pull from their Google searches,”

Reportedly, the city called off the concert because of the backgrounds of Moneybagg Yo, Latto, and Pooh Shiesty, who they alleged might attract gang activity on City property. Moneybagg Yo has reportedly performed in Winston-Salem multiple times before with only one incident that took place over 5 years ago.

Starr Entertainment’s lawyer added,

“I think it was notable that the city didn’t do a whole lot of investigation into the other times this artist was here without a problem. But instead, wanted to go back to an event from a long time ago and say that apparently he’s not welcome back in the city.”

According to reports, the city of Winston-Salem has agreed to reimburse the organizers for money lost, as well as ticket holders for the music festival. However, Starr Entertainment is claiming they lost roughly $200K on non-refundable deposits alone.

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel