Michael Jackson – Woman Claims She Married Singer’s Ghost & Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Officiated Nuptials

Michael Jackson – Woman Claims She Married Singer’s Corpse & Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Officiated Nuptials

Michael Jackson said it best “She just a girl who claims that I am the one…” in his hit single “Billie Jean”.

Kathleen Roberts and the late Michael Jackson have been making headlines lately. According to the physical medium, the two were married. Kathleen Roberts claims she married the King of Pop’s ghost years ago. She alleged that Michael Jackson was channeling through her body during the entire marriage.

She says Michael Jackson started dating her a few months after his death. Kathleen Roberts claims that he proposed to her with an pink engagement ring and was married right after finishing her bath. Roberts also mentioned that the honorable Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was present as he officiated their nuptials.

In her 2020 Vimeo clip, Kathleen Roberts explained that the proposal was “clairvoyantly”  and the ghost of  Jackson lived within her. She expressed the joy of doing things as a married couple but did not participate in sexual activities. She finds Jackson to be a chatter box and swears more than she expected him to. Roberts also opened up about his love for cookies, “So he likes to eat in me”.

Roberts is also known to be the reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe. In her spare time she makes TikTok videos channeling the late movie star. She is also an sales representative for Avon and a self proclaimed physical medium. Roberts has admitted that her supernatural senses have been previously mistaken as schizophrenia.

On August 16, Roberts wrote to Daily Star stating that Jackson “loves” using her body to dance, sing, and eat. Oddly after the article, she decided to comment alleging a break up between her and Jackson. In her recent TikTok video, she now claims to be in an “astral projection” relationship with actor Johnny Depp.

No statements have been released from the Jackson family but several TikTok accounts of Roberts featuring  Michael Jackson as “her husband” have now been removed. Most of her social accounts rarely provide details of her marriage and personal life. A few spectators have pointed out that she does not follow any members of Michael Jackson‘s family including his 3 children.

Was this really the lady of Michael Jackson’s “afterlife”? What are your thoughts about this spooky union? Be sure to comment and share your thought below.






Authored by: Jasmine Morrison