Summer Walker Posts Cryptic Messages, Seemingly Broken Up With London On Da Track: I Have The Worst Taste In Men

Summer Walker Posts Cryptic Messages, Seemingly Broken Up With London On Da Track: I Have The Worst Taste In Men

Singer Summer Walker and producer London On Da Track have had their share of ups and downs in their relationship. The couple, who reportedly broke up in October of 2019, might have called it quits again as a recent post from Summer Walker alludes to trouble in paradise.

In a series of messages she posted:

“I really thought this was gonna be a good year but it turned out to be the WORST YEAR EVER.

I have the worst taste in men, I like literally find my childhood trauma and then date it.

literally like the saddest day of my life.”

Both Summer Walker and London On Da Track are not following anyone, including each other, on Instagram.

It didn’t take long for Future’s baby momma Eliza Reign, to hop online using one of Summer Walker‘s song’s called “Karma” and posted it on her Instagram story after their social media exchange Friday, September 4th.

Summer Walker and Eliza Reign, who has a daughter with rapper Future, got into a heated back and forth online.

It started when Summer Walker reacted to reports that Eliza Reign wanted $53,000 a month in child support.

“She wants 53 thousand a month. women like this are so disgusting and sad. I feel so bad for this man. Where do y’all even find these type of women?”

It didn’t take long for Eliza Reign to jump in and blast the “Over It” singer. She pulled up a headline where Summer Walker said she doesn’t like to take showers. Eliza Reign added the caption:

“I thought the musty deadbeat girlfriend said something…”

She then added a post that said she’s here to uplift women not tear them down.

Still, she had a message for Summer Walker.

“First of all, Miss galacta wh*re. Nice music, but where’s your brain at? I don’t even like going back and forth with black women during times like these, but how are you speaking on a situation like mine when your man is doing the same if not worse than the person I’m battling in court.”

She continued:

“Instead of condemning me on a fake number, you should be using your platform to speak against this type of neglect of children and abuse of women. But I can’t expect much from a person who condones their man ‘allegedly’ playing the same type of games.”

She also explained her child support request.

See more of her messages below:

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Authored by: Demi Lobo