Beyoncé ‘Disappointed & Angry’ After Learning The Dark History Behind The Tiffany Yellow Diamond She Wore

Beyoncé ‘Disappointed & Angry’ After Learning The Dark History Behind The Tiffany Yellow Diamond She Wore

Beyoncé is reportedly not happy about unknowingly wearing a blood diamond for a Tiffany & Co. ad.

As previously reportedBeyoncé and Jay-Z recently posed in a Tiffany & Co. ad for the company’s “ABOUT LOVE” campaign. In the ad, the couple poses by a never-before-seen painting by Jean-Michel Basquiat as Beyoncé rocks the iconic Tiffany Yellow Diamond. The 128.54 carat diamond was discovered in South Africa back in 1877, and Beyoncé is the fourth person–and first Black woman–in history to wear it.

However, people soon began to criticize Beyoncé for wearing the Tiffany Yellow Diamond in the ad–largely due to the diamond’s history. The Tiffany Yellow Diamond was found in Kimberley, South Africa when the country was still under British colonial rule. Black miners who worked in awful conditions with minimal pay were the ones who unearthed the diamond, and it has resultingly been labeled as a “blood diamond.”

Traditionally, a blood diamond is a gemstone sold to fund military operations. However, the term has come to be applied to any gemstone mined by people forced to work in brutal conditions.

While Beyoncé‘s mother–Tina Lawson–attempted to shut down the criticism, Beyoncé herself took another approach.

According to reports, Beyoncé is “disappointed and angry” that she didn’t know about the Tiffany Yellow Diamond’s dark history. An insider stated:

“Beyoncé is aware of the criticism and is disappointed and angry that she wasn’t made aware of questions about its history. She thought that every final detail had been vetted, but now she realizes that the diamond itself was overlooked.”

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Authored by: Nick Fenley