Safaree Lashes Out About Being Called A ‘Deadbeat’ To His And Erica Mena’s Children


Safaree Samuels, Erica Mena

Safaree Lashes Out On Twitter About Being Called A ‘Deadbeat’ To His And Erica Mena’s Children

Safaree says the narrative that he is a deadbeat father is fake and ‘he is sick of it.’

The new season of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta has closely followed the tumultuous relationship between Safaree and Erica Mena.

Erica Mena, Safaree Samuels

But Safaree has had enough of the fake storyline and wants everyone to know he is a good father. On Twitter he said,

I’m sick of this fake a** narrative too like I’m a dead beat. I don’t want a treat for being with my kids but don’t act like I’m not with my kids becuz y’all don’t see it.” 

He added,

“My kids live in a mansion and that’s because of me! I’m with them all the time!”


He continued saying,

“I don’t need or want sympathy from anybody but b4 you wonder about how my relationship with my kids are just know that they are on their way to a great childhood. Y’all believe this tv sh*t if you want, but a lot of y’all don’t have common sense so I get it but d***.”


Safaree and Erica Mena married in 2019 but since the birth of their daughter, Safire Majesty Samuels, their relationship has taken a turn with Erica accused Safaree of cheating and not being present in the home.

Mena, who also filed for divorce earlier this year, called out Safaree for stressing her out during her pregnancy, which also ended with their newborn in NICU for over ten days.

Following her post, Samuels was spotted celebrating his birthday in Jamaica, furthering the narrative that he was not present for his children.

On Twitter, Safaree continued saying,

“Who on this earth can live with some1 who’s 6 months pregnant and not know..dumb a****! I do more than a lot of y’all women baby daddies who go months and weeks without seeing or doing anything for they kids!! Dumb a****! Ima go back to watching cloud babies.”


And ended with,

“I have a 7 figure mortgage that’s not gonna pay itself. So unless y’all opinions start paying that go suck sumthn! Ok imma really go back to word party now! Go to h*** bad mind.”

At this time, Erica has not responded to Safaree’s tweets however she did repost a meme to her story which says, ‘A man won’t turn a h** into a housewife but will destroy his relationship for one.’


Do you think Safaree is a deadbeat father? Share your thoughts in the comments. 


Authored by: Ellori Nicole