Aaliyah’s ‘One In A Million’ Becomes #1 Digital Album 25 Years Later


Aaliyah’s ‘One In A Million’ Becomes #1 Digital Album 25 Years Later

For the first time since its 1996 release, Aaliyah’s album ‘One In a Million’ has reached number one.

Blackground Records 2.0 made the announcement on Instagram, stating in the caption,

“For the first time ever, 25 years after its release, Aaliyah’s ‘One In A Million,’ made the Top 10 on the Billboard 200 Chart this week! Thank you to all of Aaliyah’s fan, both old and new, for the support. What’s your favorite track off the album.”

It is also the #1 Digital Album, #1 Catalog Album and #2 Independent Album.

It reached number two on Top R&B Albums and entered the Billboard 200 at No. 10, crushing its previous peak of 18.

As previously reported, it’s been 20 years since the tragic passing of Aaliyah and in celebration of the late singer, her former label, Blackground Records, finally released her music on all streaming platforms.

Her uncle and Blackground Records label owner, Barry Hankerson said he, ‘didn’t want to delay her music,’ but felt there needed to be a demand in order to receive what he felt the music deserved.

Produced by super-producers Missy Elliot and Timberland, ‘One In a Million,’ was Aaliyah’s sophomore album and gave hits like, ‘Hot Like Fire’, ‘4-Page Letter,’ and ‘If Your Girl Only Knew’.

Blackground Records 2.0 also plans to release new music from Aaliyah plus previous albums from Toni Braxton, Tank, JoJo, and more on all streaming platforms by October.

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Authored by: Ellori Nicole