Chicago Mayor Says City Will Sue Gang Members To ‘Take Their Assets’

Chicago Mayor Says City Will Sue Gang Members To ‘Take Their Assets’

Chicago Mayor, Lori Lightfoot, is playing no games when it comes to keeping the city of Chicago safe. According to reports, On September 10, Mayor Lori Lightfoot revealed that the city of Chicago will start suing gang members to “take their assets.” The mayor said,

“We can’t wait for anybody else. We have an opportunity to bring these violent street gangs into civil court, out of the shadows, expose them for what they are — and, if we’re successful, and I think we will be, take their assets and the profit motive for killing our babies.”

She added,

“We have to put a marker down that we are using every tool in our toolkit to push back against these violent gangs that are leaving a trail of blood and death and misery in their wake.”

What Mayor Lori Lightfoot is aiming to do isn’t unheard of and is already a common practice in suburban counties around Illinois. Reports claim that previous attorneys for the state have used the Illinois Street Gang Prevention Act to sue gang members. Which have allowed them to seek monetary damages on behalf of the state and court orders barring gang members from associating with each other and possessing guns.

Mayor Lightfoot is wasting no time in getting the ball rolling on her latest initiative and, according to reports, on Monday she will propose an ordinance to allow the city’s lawyers to file such lawsuits.

However, everyone isn’t here for Mayor Lightfoot’s current project. An Illinois attorney who successfully defended four men against a similar suit, John Mauck, shared his disbelief in the act. He said,

“It’s a toothless charade. They can get dozens of court orders, but it will not stop crime.”

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel