Queen Latifah’s Dog Allegedly Killed By Cesar Millan’s Pit Bull

Queen Latifah’s Dog Allegedly Killed By Cesar Millan’s Pit Bull

Cesar Millan may want to consider whispering to his own dogs.

In a new lawsuit, Lidia Matiss, claims that Cesar Millan’s, 52, pit bull attacked her and also claims it killed Queen Latifah’s dog.

Matiss also alleges in the legal documents that the ‘dog whisper’ tried to cover up the incident.

Queen Latifah

Lidia Matiss, who is a promising young gymnast, claims that in 2017, she was visiting her mother in Van Nuys, California at work, which the building is reportedly owned by Millan.

According to her claim, Cesar Millan’s pit bull was allegedly roaming the halls without supervision or a leash, when the dog reportedly bit her legs and left calf.

Matiss was immediately rushed to the emergency room to find that the injures were more severe than she thought.

Matiss lawyers claim that Millan’s pit bull, Junior, has a history of violence and has bitten several people and severely attacked other dogs like Queen Latifah’s.

The lawsuit claims that Latifah bought two dogs from Milan’s Dog Psychology Center in Santa Clarita, California, and one was allegedly mauled to death by Junior. It also claims that Millan covered it up by saying it was hit by a car.

Cesar Millan rose to fame following his show ‘Dog Whisperer’ which first aired in 2004. Since then, he has worked with many celebrities and their four-legged friends for various reasons ranging from behavioral to anxiety.

Milan has responded to the lawsuit and reportedly claims that Mantiss assumed the risk of being attacked by Junior because she knew the danger. He also felt she was being negligent but did not further explain as to why or how.


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The pit bull in question, Junior, died at the age of 15 back in July.

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Authored by: Ellori Nicole