Ceaser Emanuel – Mother Of Reality Star’s Daughter Accuses Him Of Reconnecting With Their Child For ‘Black Ink Crew’ Storyline

Ceaser Emanuel – Mother Of Reality Star’s Daughter Accuses Him Of Reconnecting With Their Child For ‘Black Ink Crew’ Storyline

Ceaser Emanuel‘s family issues continue to wage on.

Earlier this year, Black Ink Crew‘s Ceaser Emanuel was accused of beating his daughter while she showered. Reportedly, Ceaser Emanuel thought his 16-year-old daughter Cheyenne was being disrespectful by showering before doing the dishes, and he proceeded to allegedly physically assault her. See her account below.

In the aftermath of Cheyenne‘s accusations against her dad, Ceaser‘s girlfriend Suzette proceeded to get into it with her on Instagram. During their spat, Cheyenne claimed that Suzette was an opportunistic porn star. In response, Suzette proceeded to make comments about the 16-year-old’s weight and speculated that she was sexually active herself.

The internet was instantly outraged that Ceaser‘s girlfriend said such comments about a child, but they were more outraged over Ceaser siding with Suzette over Cheyenne.

Ceaser‘s stance was made clear on Monday night’s (May 17th) episode of Black Ink Crew, as he and Teddy spoke about the situation. While Ceaser maintains that Cheyenne “should’ve never gotten on social media and disrespected a grown woman like that,” he does not address the comments Suzette made. Teddy, on the other hand, holds a different stance, asking:

“Why is an adult arguing with a child?”

After the episode aired, Cheyenne‘s mother Crystal went to Instagram Live to set some things straight. During her lengthy Live, Crystal dished on the night Ceaser allegedly beat Cheyenne, claiming that the police were fans of the show and ignored her daughter’s claims and bruises. She also alleged that Cheyenne was forced to leave her father’s home with nothing more than the clothes on her back and that Ceaser filed cease and desists with Cheyenne and Child Protective Services in New York. Additionally, she claimed that Ceaser would go months without speaking to his daughter and reconnected with her just for a storyline.


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Shortly after Crystal‘s IG Live, Ceaser made his own post. He posted a simple selfie with a short caption, reading:

“One of the SADDEST things in this WORLD, is to see a child GROW UP hating one of their parents because they got one side of the STORY.”

It looks like the drama between Ceaser Emanuel and his daughter Cheyenne is still unresolved.

None of the parties involved have further commented on the matter thus far.

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Authored by: Nick Alexander Fenley