Fugees Arrive Three Hours Late To First Show Of ‘The Score’ Reunion Tour

Fugees Arrive Three Hours Late To First Show Of ‘The Score’ Reunion Tour

Many Fugees fans were less than pleased with the group’s first reunion tour show!

As previously reported, the Fugees recently announced they would embark on a 12-show tour to commemorate the 25th anniversary of The Score. While most of the performances are scheduled for November, the iconic trio kicked off the tour with a pop-up show in New York City this past Wednesday (Sept. 22nd).

The show took place at New York City’s Pier 17, and it was the first Fugees show in roughly 15 years. However, while many fans were excited for the concert, it ultimately kicked off over three hours behind schedule. Wednesday’s concert was set to begin at 7 p.m., and the Fugees reportedly did not emerge on stage until around 10:07 p.m. Reportedly, the set ended after less than an hour, and Lauryn Hill kicked the performance off by saying:

“Respect the miracle. Respect the miracle of this union.”

Lauryn Hill

One concertgoer shared her experience at the show in a video she made the next day. She stated:

“So last night was the Fugees’ 25th anniversary reunion tour, and they started it in NYC. And they needed to end it in NYC. It took them three hours to come out on stage. Show time was supposed to be 7 p.m., they came out at 10:07. If that’s how y’all gotta be doing this tour, just end it now. ‘Cause that was very rude. That was very inconsiderate. Last night was Wednesday night–a weeknight. I have work today. There’s no reason why I have an attitude at work. And I’m home–who am I mad at? The Fugees, that’s who!”

The concertgoer continued:

“Then they had a warm up DJ to get the party started before they come out on stage. She wasn’t warming us up. Clearly she was cold–because what the f**k was she playing? Then to make matters worse [the Fugees] only played like six songs–SIX SONGS! Y’all made us stand out there for three hours to come out and do six songs? Y’all owe me albums. And before you ask, yes–[Lauryn Hill] was there. But she didn’t do one song off of her album. So ma’am, why were you there?”

She then added:

“I brought my Haitian flag, I thought we were gonna be waving our flags in the air. No–no, not at all. He didn’t even ask us to wave our flag. No crowd participation whatsoever. Wyclef, [what happened to you? I don’t understand.] I didn’t pay for the concert, but I want my money back. Because while I was waiting, I bought a hot dog and something to drink. So I want my $20 back. Lauryn, Pras, Wyclef, the backup dancers, I need my money back. I do.”

Notably, Lauryn Hill referenced her infamous lateness during a recent feature on a new Nas track. During her verse on “Nobody,” Lauryn Hill raps:

 “I’m savin’ souls and y’all complainin’ ’bout my lateness. Now it’s illegal for someone to walk in greatness.”

What do you think about the Fugees allegedly arriving three hours late to their first show in 15 years? Comment down below to let us know!


Authored by: Nick Fenley