Rickey Smiley’s Daughter Shares Bloody Car Where She Was Shot: Scariest Part Is I’m Alone, They Won’t Let Me See My Parents

Rickey Smiley’s Daughter Shares Bloody Car Where She Was Shot: Scariest Part Is I’m Alone, They Won’t Let Me See My Parents

Update #3 (July 7th): Rickey Smiley’s daughter is recovering after being shot three times earlier this week. She has now shared graphic photos of the car she was in when shots were fired.

She also shared photos of her in the hospital and said the “scariest part” is that she can’t see her parents.

Update #2: Rickey Smiley’s daughter is now out of surgery. See his update below: 

Original story: Today (July 6th) radio host Rickey Smiley shared with his listeners and co-hosts that his youngest daughter Aaryn was a victim of gun violence in Houston.

“I wasn’t even gone say nothing about this, I been dealing with this all morning, sitting up here with butterflies in my stomach, trying to do a show.  You know my youngest daughter was shot last night, Aaryn.”

Rickey Smiley‘s co-hosts seemed shocked to learn of the news as he continued,

“She in the hospital, right now. That’s why I can’t have focus cuz I’m sitting up here trying to do the morning show and trying to book my flight to Houston to go and see about her…She was shot twice lsat night, she’s fine.”

He then told his co-hosts that his daughter is going to have to go into surgery, and due to the coronavirus, flights are limited to Houston so he will to have to fly to Dallas and drive to Houston to be by his daughters side.

“I’m just so angry right now. My daughter was going to Whataburger to get something to eat last night, and you know I go to bed around about 8:30/9 o clock, woke up to text messages, I got to do the show, I’m trying to focus, trying to do the show, and trying to figure out, cuz it ain’t hardly any flights because of Covid, it’s limited flights.  So I gotta fly to Dallas then drive down to Houston, because of a seven hour layover. The fact that she’s laying up in the hospital, and probably going to have to go into surgery, she’s crying she scared, I can’t get to her. And I just hate it. All the stuff these people out here trying to do to fight for the rights of black people, this is no dis-credit to Black Lives Matter because, I believe that and I am with that movement, 110%.  And one has nothing to so with the other, but there are some criminals in our community, that we need to do something about. They are out here not just my daughter, some kids didn’t make it. That 8 year old kid did not make it, I’m okay with my daughter, she’s gone be fine. But the two, 8 year old kids in Atlanta, the 8 year old boy in Birmingham. I get the luxury of going to the hospital, even if they don’t let me upstairs to see her.   I get to wait in the lobby until the doctor come down”

After an immense amount of support, Rickey Smiley provided an update on his daughter’s status on social media, saying that she is still in surgery, thanking everyone for their prayers.

“Still in surgery…. thanks for your prayers or our daughter @ryn.smiley!! I really appreciate the support!”

He also shared the news on Twitter:

Listen to the entire story here:

Prayers for Rickey Smiley’s daughter and their family!

Authored by: Demi Lobo