Yung Baby Tate Addresses Critics For Shaming Her Natural Body

Yung Baby Tate Addresses Critics For Shaming Her Natural Body

Yung Baby Tate is addressing everyone who has something to say about her body. In a new photo, singer and rapper Yung Baby Tate is defending her body to those who criticized it following her Afropunk performance.

In her caption, she wrote,

“As Queen Bey once said, “wanna see some REAL A**?! Baby here’s your chance!” Shoutout to all my natural bellied bodies. I see you, I am you, I love you. No matter WHAT my body looks like, it is MINE and I love it! Please go project your insecurities onto a piece of paper, burn it, and throw it away. Then go look in the mirror and tell yourself how much you are loved.”

Yung Baby Tate went on to say via Twitter that she addressed critics for multiple days, saying to one who suggested she should ‘pay’ for a new look,

“Girl go feed your kids and husband dont worry bout what a rich b**** like me is eating! Just know it’s good.”



But fans and followers weren’t the only ones who had something to say about the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star’s body. Ayesha Howard, who is the mother of rapper Lil Baby’s oldest son, also spoke out about Tate.

Ayesha Howard

Howard criticized Tate saying her body was an example of poor eating and discipline because women who work out don’t look like that. She continued,

“And she is a performer, she should want the best for herself all around it’s not just about looks but in her job, presentation is everything and she needs to be healithy enough to do it! Black women lose the attitudes and stop making excuses for yourselves. You are queens and you should live and practice healthy lifestyles to maintain your health and image PERIOD!!” 

Ayesha Howard went on to mention how many others “flipped on” comedienne and actress Mo’Nique for criticizing women for wearing bonnets in public before adding,

“Get it together.” 

Yung Baby Tate responded on Twitter saying,

“Everyone is saying imma eat the unmarried Ayesha up for her comments on my belly but honestly her life is rocky enough. I think she saw the word “baby” in my name and got triggered so I’ll give her a pass on this beautiful WEDnesday.”

Ayesha Howard later responded saying she was not ‘shaming’ anyone but simply speaking the truth about living a healthy lifestyle. She apologized saying, “let’s go to McDonald’s”



Do you think fans were wrong for criticizing Yung Baby Tate’s body? Tell us in the comments. 

Authored by: Ellori Nicole