Ray J Files To Divorce Princess Love While Hospitalized For Pneumonia

Ray J Files To Divorce Princess Love While Hospitalized For Pneumonia

Ray J and Princess Love may be parting ways in the near future.

As previously reportedRay J is currently recovering from non-COVID pneumonia in a Miami hospital. While focusing on his recovery, Ray J decided to officially call it quits with Princess Love once again. According to recent reports, Ray J has filed for divorce from Princess Love during his recent hospitalization. The paperwork was reportedly filed in L.A. County Superior Court yesterday (Wednesday, Oct. 6th).

This news comes one week after the 40-year-old “Sexy Can I” singer announced he’s “separated and single” on his Instagram bio. He also notably cleared his Instagram account of all prior uploads.

While he later deleted this message from his bio, it’s worth noting that Ray J and Princess Love also unfollowed each other.

This is the third time in less than a year and a half that the couple has filed for divorce. Back in early May 2020, Princess Love filed to divorce Ray J after almost four years of marriage. However, by mid-July, she asked the judge to dismiss the divorce filing and chose to stay with Ray J.

Just two months later, Ray J filed divorce paperwork against Princess Love and sought custody of their two children. Despite this, the couple later reconciled and relocated to Miami this past winter. Regarding this decision, Ray J said:

“Well we are together, are we ‘back together’? I think that’s just a journey we have to take but I think we are together. I think we both have a different outlook on life, so God is good. We taking it one day at a time.”

He added:

“I think we love being together. Now I think it’s just figuring out how to keep it consistent because… I think we’re meant to be together.”

Princess Love, Ray J

Despite these optimistic comments, it looks like Ray J is ready to call it quits once again. Neither he nor Princess Love has publicly commented on the matter.

What do you think about the situation, and do you think Ray J and Princess Love will ultimately reconcile again? Comment down below to let us know!


Authored by: Nick Fenley