Ray J Announces He’s ‘Separated & Single’ Almost 7 Months After Relocating To Miami W/ Princess Love

Ray J Announces He’s ‘Separated & Single’ Almost 7 Months After Relocating To Miami W/ Princess Love

Could Ray J and Princess Love‘s relationship be over for good?

Yesterday (Tuesday, Sept. 28th), Ray J made an eyebrow-raising update to his Instagram bio. The 40-year-old star archived all his posts and updated his bio by writing:

“Separated and Single.”

Additionally, Princess Love has taken down all photos of her and Ray J from her Instagram, and they also unfollowed each other.

This turn of events is the latest update to the former couple’s relationship drama. Late last year, Ray J filed for divorce from Princess Love after four years of marriage. However, the pair later reconciled and moved to Miami together. Following the relocation, Ray J remarked:

“I think we’re in a peaceful place. I think Miami brings a different vibe to who you are and what opportunities are out there for the family and just watching the kids learn new things and grow up. My little son is almost walking now and Melody is just becoming so smart, so independent. Just seeing that, I think it brings us both together no matter what. We love each other and we care for each other. We’re just respecting each other as human beings, as parents. We’re in a great place and who knows what the future holds.”

Ray J, Princess Love

He later added:

“Well we are together, are we ‘back together’? I think that’s just a journey we have to take but I think we are together. I think we both have a different outlook on life, so God is good. we taking it one day at a time. I think we love being together. Now I think it’s just figuring out how to keep it consistent because… I think we’re meant to be together.”

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Authored by: Nick Fenley