Rapper Foogiano Speculated To Get Released From Prison Soon

Rapper Foogiano Speculated To Get Released From Prison Soon

Could Foogiano be a free man soon?

Earlier this year, Georgia rapper Foogiano was arrested after being on the run for about three months. Foogiano was evading authorities because he violated his probation by melting off his court-ordered ankle monitor. U.S. Marshalls apprehended him in Memphis, Tennessee on March 11th. Two months later, the rapper was sentenced to five years behind bars.

The news was confirmed by Boomman, CEO of Authentic Empire Music Group, on Twitter.

In response to Foogiano‘s sentence, his girlfriend–fellow rapper Renni Rucci–notably accused the judge of using a racial slur during a past court proceeding. On her Instagram Story, the “Solid B*tch” rapper wrote:

“Judge William A. Prior of Greene county, GA called out for blatantly calling someone the N word in court.. returned from his suspension and is back as senior judge sending more brothers and sisters to jail… this shouldn’t be allowed because it shows racial prejudice. Call the Georgia ACLU and get him out of there ASAP! 770-303-8111.”

Renni Rucci later added:

“So after yesterday we found out a lot of other families loved ones received the harshest sentences possible in situations that have been handled differently when dealing with inmates of other ethnicities let’s do what we can to make sure people [like] this don’t have the power to play with the lives of others.”

Now, there appears to be an update to Foogiano‘s situation. Yesterday (Tuesday, Oct. 19th), a video began circulating that suggested Foogiano (real name Kwame Khalil Brown) would be released from prison soon. The video shows the rapper grinning while exiting a courtroom. It’s captioned:

“FOOGIANO All Charges Beat!”

1017 Records–which Foogiano is signed to–also shared the video, similarly captioned:


The record label also acknowledged Foogiano‘s release in another post.

Additionally, Renni Rucci dished on the matter through Twitter, revealing yesterday (Oct. 19th) was the first time she’d seen Foogiano since March. She also tweeted that, while he’s still in jail, Foogiano had a good court hearing.

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Authored by: Nick Alexander Fenley