Floyd Mayweather Sued For $400K For Unpaid Jewelry Fees

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather Sued For $400K For Unpaid Jewelry Fees

Floyd Mayweather is being sued for allegedly scamming a New York jeweler.

In newly obtained court documents, the pro-boxer is facing a $400,000 lawsuit from Eric & Co. Trading Company in federal court.

Floyd Mayweather

According to the plaintiff, Floyd Mayweather allegedly used his ‘fame’ and ‘good standing,’ with the company to receive $389,000 worth of merchandise, including several gold Cartier diamond bracelets, a $34,000 diamond necklace, $12,000 “iced out choker” and three large white gold “TMT pieces,” a $20,000 diamond/emerald cut butterfly necklace with a diamond tennis necklace, and a $42 diamond eternity ring. Because of his relationship with the plaintiff, it says it let him take the jewelry without paying a deposit.

Floyd Mayweather

Mayweather allegedly took the items on credit and promised to pay for them at a later date. The documents also state that Eric & Co. invoiced Mayweather for the jewelry to which he replied, ‘thanks family,’ as an acknowledgment but allegeldy has yet to pay up.

In addition to suing Floyd Mayweather for the unpaid jewelry costs, Eric & Co. Trading Company also wants the boxer to pay its lawyer fees.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Elsewhere, back in September of this year, Playboi Carti was also sued for an unpaid jewelry balance.

Playboi Carti

The popular company, Eliantte & Co. claimed the rapper owed $97,000 after failing to pay the balance for two custom chains he ordered in September 2020.


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Authored by: Ellori Nicole