Floyd Mayweather Praises Kyrie Irving For ‘Being A Leader’ & Refusing The COVID Vaccine: I Hope Your Actions Encourage Many Others To Stand Up & Say ‘Enough Is Enough’

Floyd Mayweather Praises Kyrie Irving For ‘Being A Leader’ & Refusing The COVID Vaccine: I Hope Your Actions Encourage Many Others To Stand Up & Say ‘Enough Is Enough’

Floyd Mayweather shared some support for Kyrie Irving on Instagram!

As previously reported, Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving recently made headlines for choosing to not get vaccinated for COVID-19. Resultingly, he is not allowed to play for the Nets until he gets vaccinated. He will also not get paid for missed games, per the policy the NBA announced late last month.

Regarding the matter, 29-year-old athlete previously stated:

“It’s not always about the money–it’s about choosing what’s best for you. You think I really want to lose money? You think I really want to give up on my dream to go after a championship? You think I really just want to give up my job?… You think I want to give up my livelihood because of the mandate, because I don’t have accommodations because I’m unvaccinated. C’mon–I’m not gonna be used as a person in this agenda. I’m not even gonna speak on that, I’m just saying it should not be divided amongst all of us. It should just be understood and respected.”


Various celebrities have responded to Kyrie Irving‘s controversy, with stars like Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barley slamming the athlete. Meanwhile, others like Chris Brown have defended Kyrie.

Shaquille O’Neal

Charles Barkley

Chris Brown

Now, former professional boxer Floyd Weather is giving his two cents about Kyrie Irving‘s situation! Yesterday (Monday, Oct. 25th), the 44-year-old went on Instagram and stated:

“Kyrie, what’s up. I know you’re going through a lot, we had a chance to hang out in 2016 when you represented America–when you represented the red, white, and blue. You only wanted to be treated fair. I was gonna post something on one of my social media pages, but I decided to do it the old school way and read it out to you. ‘Cause you’re a great person, great father, great athlete, and you believe what you believe. America is the land of the free–freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and supposedly freedom to choose. Never be controlled by money. I respect you for having some integrity and being your own man.”

Floyd Mayweather continued:

“A free mind makes his own choices–an enslaved mind follows the crowd. Stand for something or fall for anything. One man can lead a revolution to stand up and fight for what’s right. One choice, one word, one action can change the world. It’s crazy how people hate you for being a leader. I hope your actions encourage many others to stand up and say ‘enough is enough.’ Respect to you Kyrie, and power to the people.”

You can watch the full video down below:


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The video was also accompanied by a lengthy caption, reading:

“Choice is defined as an act of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities. To my understanding, America gave us the choice to take the vaccine or not take the vaccine originally. As time moves on, that choice is gradually being stripped from us. Limiting the jobs we can do, places we can go, and activities we can perform. Trying to beat us into submission of what they say is best for us. It’s sad people are hated, punished, teased, and discriminated for not taking the vaccine, for making their own choice, standing up for what they not only think is right, but know is right for them and their families. I am Pro Choice. A person should be free to make the decision best suited for themself. If we can’t make our own decisions we are not truly free.”

The caption continues:

“Our forefathers, fought for our freedom as our soldiers, first responders, and patriots continue to do to this day. Why is it when someone decides to do something differently from what we are told, it is right we condemn them? Condemn them for making a choice, choosing to be free, choosing to not conform to the norms society tells us to conform to. I’m Pro Choice, we all should have a right to choose what we want, what is best for ourselves, what is best for our our loved ones! If you decide to take the vaccine fine. If you decide to not take the vaccine fine. Rather respect should be earned by everyone who makes their own choice and chooses liberty! For myself, my children, my loved ones…I choose life, I choose liberty, I choose freedom!”

Kyrie Irving hasn’t publicly acknowledged Floyd Mayweather‘s upload yet.

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Authored by: Nick Fenley