NBA Star J.R. Smith Opens Up About Meeting Daughter’s Step Father For First Time

NBA Star J.R. Smith Opens Up About Meeting Daughter’s Step Father For First Time

Cavaliers star J.R. Smith shares his experience with meeting his oldest daughter’s step father for the first time while giving some co-parenting advise. Smith, 33, posted a photo during a birthday celebration with his daughter Peyton and her step-father along with Peyton’s adorable baby brother. Smith touched on how important it is for fathers to meet the parent’s significant other who choose to step into their children’s lives. Smith wrote:

This is my daughter Peyton an I with her Mother’s husband an her Lil brother! So many things came in mind leading up to meeting him! So many negative things i thought about saying an doing an i finally met him an all i could see was the joy he helps put on my daughter face an those negative feelings went away faster than anything I’ve ever seen!

Smith continued, urging fathers to meet the step parent before you start to judge their character.

I just wanted to let men know if your child or kids are living with another man, MEET HIM FIRST before you act up cause this dude is a class act! Much respect! Ps if any foul play is done… nvm

The Cavs star was asked why would he choose to be negative prior to having a conversation with the step parent. To this comment, Smith responds:

“Wrong, my daughter’s mother and I was never together. So know your facts! It’s was about my DAUGHTER! READ!”

Smith is the father of 3, one from a previous relationship before marrying wife, Jewel Smith. J.R. proposed to Jewel in August 2015, and the pair wed August 2016.

Prior to the wedding, Smith recruited his daughter Demi, Jewel’s oldest from a prior relationship, to help him propose to his now wife. In a video posted on Smith’s Instagram account, Demi is seen presenting the engagement ring to Jewel, saying,

“Mommy, will you marry us?”


Authored by: Gregory Molette