Ice Cube Quits Upcoming Sony Comedy, ‘Oh Hell No’ After Refusing The COVID-19 Vaccine

Ice Cube

Ice Cube Quits Upcoming Sony Comedy, ‘Oh Hell No’ After Refusing The COVID-19 Vaccine

Ice Cube is making headlines again after he reportedly parted ways with Sony for refusing to get vaccinated.

O’Shea Jackson Sr.,51, professionally known as Ice Cube, was set to star in the upcoming Sony comedy ‘Oh Hell No,’ alongside actor Jack Black but walked away after producers of the film requested that all cast members receive the COVID-19 vaccine. 

10/10/2017 – Ice Cube

This is not the first time Cube has been at odds with a production company. Back in July of this year, the rapper turned actor found himself in a disagreement with Warner Brothers Studio over the fourth Friday film, Last Friday. According to reports, Ice Cube wanted the film to be shot in prison. The studio challenged, 

“Prison isn’t funny… fans of the franchise [want] to see the characters in their familiar settings instead of behind bars for much of the movie.”

After rewriting the script, Ice Cube claims the execs were delaying the process. He added, 

The entire editing process [is] a way to delay getting cameras rolling.”

Cube’s lawyer also citied discrimination in a letter to Warner Bros., to which it responded,

“We strongly disagree with any claims of discriminatory treatment, and stand by our ongoing and proven commitment to support diverse voices and storytellers and will continue to do so as we move forward.”

Cube also reportedly walked away from another role earlier this year, but there is no indication of what led to the decision.

Neither Ice Cube nor Sony has commented on the situation, however, a source close to production claims the studio is looking to replace Cube, who reportedly walked away from a $9 million payday. 

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Authored by: Ellori Nicole