Michael Jordan Tops List Of Highest-Paid Athletes Of All Time W/ Gross Earnings Of $2.62 Billion

Michael Jordan Tops List Of Highest-Paid Athletes Of All Time W/ Gross Earnings Of $2.62 Billion

Michael Jordan is living proof that it pays to be a legend!

A list of the all-time highest-earning athletes was released recently and NBA and streetwear fans may be happy to know that a familiar name graced the top of the list: Michael Jordan! The 58-year-old star, who officially retired from the NBA back in 2003, is noted as having a gross income of $2.62 billion (adjusted for inflation).

Shockingly, only a mere 6% of this whopping amount is attributed to his NBA contracts–meaning the bulk is from other streams of income like brand deals, endorsements, and memorabilia sales. Nike alone has reportedly paid Michael Jordan over $1 billion since he retired.

Michael Jordan

It’s worth noting that Michael Jordan is followed by golfers Tiger Woods and Arnold Palmer on the list of highest-paid athletes, with respective earnings of $2.1 billion and $1.5 billion.

Tiger Woods

Arnold Palmer

Soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo, retired boxer Floyd Mayweather, and basketball star LeBron James also made the cut by respectively making $1.23 billion, $1.2 billion, and $1.17 billion.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Floyd Mayweather

LeBron James

Other highly-recognizable names in the top 20 include David Beckham ($1.05 billion), Kobe Bryant ($930 million), Shaquille O’Neal ($870 million), Mike Tyson ($775 million), Alex Rodriguez ($650 million), Manny Pacquiao ($630 million), and Kevin Durant ($625 million).

David Beckham

Kobe Bryant

Shaquille O’Neal

Mike Tyson

Alex Rodriguez

Manny Pacquiao

Kevin Durant

This list–and news of Michael Jordan sitting at the very top of it–comes shortly after Scottie Pippen accused him of profiting $10 million off of The Last Dance while his Chicago Bulls teammates got nothing.

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Authored by: Nick Fenley