Howard University Students Come To An Agreement With School, Ending Month-Long Protests Over Poor Housing Conditions

Howard University Students Come To An Agreement With School, Ending Month-Long Protests Over Poor Housing Conditions

Howard University’s administrators can now move forward in repairing their relationship with the student body, as a month-long protest over housing conditions come to an end. Howard University announced today (Nov. 15) that they have reached an agreement with the students who have been protesting over their living conditions. The famed HBCU shared the breakthrough news via its social media accounts. The official Twitter account for Howard University published a tweet that states,

“Howard University is pleased to announce we have come to an agreement with the students who occupied Blackburn, and will share a longer message from Dr. Wayne Frederick on this topic later today.”

During a recent interview, the protesting student’s attorney, Donald Temple, spoke on the deal his clients were able to reach with the university. He said that the final agreement is confidential but students have,

“substantially accomplished their objectives.”

He added,

“The students courageously journeyed on a path towards greater university accountability and transparency and public safety.”

As previously reported, several Howard students launched a protest against the school over alleged unfit living conditions (and other issues) on Oct. 12. Numerous students revealed their issues with Howard by sharing images and videos of the questionable housing conditions they were subjected to. According to what was shared online, some of the students were living in dorms that had severe mold problems, water issues, and rodent infestations.

According to reports, the students four core demands were: an in-person town hall with the university’s president and other officials; the permanent reinstatement of student, alumni, and faculty affiliate positions that are being removed from the school’s board of trustees; a meeting with the university leaders about housing; and legal, disciplinary and academic immunity for protesters.

Reportedly, throughout the protest over 100 students moved into the Blackburn University Center, which acts as a student hub on campus. In addition to that, other protestors, including a small group of faculty and alumni, pitched tents outside of the building, where they remained until a finalized agreement between the students and the school was met. This was one of the longest student-led protests in Howard’s history.

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel