Ashanti Says It Took A Lot For Her To ‘Not Make That Call’ When She Learned Her Sister, Kenashia Douglas, Was A Victim Of Domestic Abuse

Ashanti, Kenashia Douglas

Ashanti Says It Took A Lot For Her To ‘Not Make That Call’ When She Learned Her Sister, Kenashia Douglas, Was A Victim Of Domestic Abuse

Ashanti isn’t playing any games when it comes to keeping her sister and loved ones safe. During a recent interview with media personality Angie Martinez, Ashanti’s sister, Kenashia Douglas, shared the heartbreaking news that she was once a victim of domestic violence. She said,

“I’m not sure if everyone knows, or if you know, but I have a past experience with domestic abuse. I had my teeth broken.”

She continued and revealed that the abuse she was subjected to came from her ex-fiancé.

“I was engaged. [This] was… 3 years ago. It wasn’t that long ago.”

She added,

“This is literally my first time speaking on it publicly.”

When asked if they were aware the abuse was taking place Ashanti and her mother, Tina Douglas, both said,

“We were there!”

Tina Douglas added that following the incident her daughter rushed into the house to tell them she had been hit and her jaw was broken.

Ashanti was then asked how she handled seeing her younger sister in such a painful situation. She answered,

“It’s not good for me, you know. I’m not a violent person. But when you harm and disrespect someone that I love on this level then I turn into a different person. And I don’t condone violence, you know what I mean. But it took a lot for me to… not make that call, if you understand what I’m saying.”



Kenashia Douglas has taken her traumatic experience and turned it into something good. During the interview, she shared that she’s launched an organization, Wife Of Creation, dedicated to helping people grow and heal their ‘mind, body, and spirit.’ 

She added, 

“Wife Of Creation, as I said, is an extension of my healing journey. So I’m basically offering resources for people.”

“It’s more so, mind, body, [and] spirit.” 

Kenashia Douglas, Ashanti, Tina Douglas

As previously reported, Kenashia Douglas shared images of the bruises she endured from her traumatic experience last year. For her 31st birthday, the fashion designer uploaded a video reflecting on her life and some hurdles she’s had to overcome. Halfway through the video things get serious as Kenashia shows images of herself with a black eye, bloody face, and broken teeth.

It’s heavily speculated that Kenashia’s ex, hip-hop entrepreneur, Rodney “Bucks” Charlemagne, is responsible for the abuse she suffered from, but it has not been confirmed.

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel