Soulja Boy Pulled From Millennium Tour 2021 In Connection With Young Dolph Shooting

Soulja Boy Pulled From Millennium Tour 2021 In Connection With Young Dolph Shooting

Southern-based rapper Soulja Boy has been pulled from the 2021 Millennium Tour lineup.

Following the ambush of Memphis rapper Young Dolph Wednesday (Nov. 17th), G-Squared Events announced its decision to remove Soulja Boy from upcoming tour dates. In a press release posted on Instagram, it stated:

“In response to the tragic shooting death of rap artist Young Dolph, The Millennium Tour 2021 Tour promoter, G-Squared Events, has determined that rapper Soulja Boy will not perform during this weekend’s tour stops in St. Louis, Missouri, and Memphis, Tennessee.”

The statement continues:

“To preserve the safety of The Millennium Tour 2021 artists and patrons, tour representatives are exercising caution and want to make a smart decision to be safe.”

While reports have led fans to believe that Soulja Boy’s removal from the tour was permanent, Soulja Boy claims that this is far from the truth. He took to Instagram Live and said:

“First of all…cut the m*****f****** shenanigans! Don’t be actin’ like…n**** took no money out my pocket! N**** talking bout, ‘oh, you fumbled the bag.’ First of all, n****, I’m still gettin’ paid! So, all y’all n**** did was make my job easier! I don’t gotta come and I’m still gettin’ paid. So, thank you.”

He continued:

“Second of all, n****, I will be on the next show!” 

The change in roster comes after Soulja Boy’s negative comments about Young Dolph resurfaced online. A week prior to Young Dolph’s murder, Soulja Boy appeared to have gripes with the slain rapper during an Instagram Live stream. Then, just five days before, Soulja Boy exploded in anger when speaking about Young Dolph in a Breakfast Club radio show interview. To add to the chaos, Soulja Boy had a social media spat with another rapper, Trouble.

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Authored by: Roganí Araya