Saturday 23rd September 2023

DreamDoll & ‘Snowfall’s’ Damson Idris Deny Dating Rumors


DreamDoll & ‘Snowfall’s’ Damson Idris Deny Dating Rumors

Rapper DreamDoll and Damson Idris of FX’s Snowfall are shutting down rumors that they’re a couple after they got extra close in a photo.

The FX star was spotted on the red carpet for a group photo the night of the Academy Awards. His picture, taken on Sunday (April 25), seemed nothing more than an innocent moment captured by a lens. However, he became the subject of dating rumors when he posed alongside rapper and BGC alum DreamDoll.


The body language detected in the picture sparked speculation that they were dating. See the photos here.

After Damson Idris took notice of the growing rumor, he took to Twitter to clarify any misinformation and suggested he is still getting acclimated to attention.

“Ok. So don’t pose near women because then we are apparently married. [notepad emoji] Forgive me, I’m still learning. [red wine emoji.]” 

DreamDoll reacted to the rumors on Twitter.

“Imma start nodding my head to say hi to guys yall steady assuming s***”


Damson Idris is set to return as Franklin Saint on the 1980s drug set drama for a fifth season on FX. The show was created by the late John Singleton & Eric Amadio and Dave Andron.

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Authored by: Èmil Flemmon