Van Hunt Avoids Questions About His Relationship W/ Halle Berry: Pull Out Your Cigar And Ask Me Some Music Questions!

Van Hunt Avoids Questions About His Relationship W/ Halle Berry: Pull Out Your Cigar And Ask Me Some Music Questions!

Van Hunt didn’t seem interested in divulging much information about his relationship with Halle Berry.

Neo-soul singer Van Hunt kept a tight lip about his relationship with actress Halle Berry in a recent interview. The multi-talented musician seemed to get agitated as the host of The Domenick Nati Show persistently pressed the topic. Domenick Nati started by asking Van how he met Halle, to which the singer replied he “wouldn’t go into.” He did say:

“I’m just glad that we met. I’m glad that we had the opportunity to meet, it’s something that I never dreamed possible…to begin a relationship at 50.”

He added:

“It’s going really, really well. That’s all I can say. The rest of it, you know, it’s pretty easy to follow on her site, and my site too if you want to.”

Van made it clear that he wanted to talk about his new single “Automatic Woman.”

Throughout the interview, Van continued to thwart each of Nati’s attempts to pry into their romance, quickly shifting the subject back to his music. He talked about the viral New Year’s post that led everyone to believe that the pair was on their way to the alter. He explained that their goal wasn’t to prank anyone, though many internet users assumed this was so.

“I want to clear that up. We never tried any prank. It wasn’t that. We were just teasing.”

When asked if they plan on actually getting married in the future, Van once again brought up his new song and said that it might happen after he wins an Oscar for it.

Nati tried to see if Van would reveal whether the two have moved in together or not, but Van was adamant about keeping the interview strictly music.

“Nobody’s asking you about ‘Automatic Woman?’ A song that produced with H.E.R who–this could be her second time being nominated for an Oscar? And nobody’s asking you about that, in a Halle Berry film? You’re serious, nobody’s asking you any questions about that?”

Nati wondered if talking about Halle made Van uncomfortable or if he was allowed to ask about her.

“No, no, not at all. I love it…here–right here–on IG live…nah. I’m here to talk about ‘Automatic Woman.’ Van, pull out your cigar and ask me some music questions!”

So, Nati asked Van if he’d ever collaborated with Halle on a song. The Grammy Award-winning artist said that he thinks his famous girlfriend “has a fine voice,” though the Black Hollywood beauty would probably disagree.

“I tried to get her on the background vocals for ‘Automatic Woman,’ but it didn’t happen. As it turned out, we didn’t really need her ’cause H.E.R smashed it.” 

Van played a little game of role reversal and asked Nati if he’d seen Halle’s Nexflix film Bruised. Nati said that he hadn’t seen it.

“Did you see Bruised? 80 million people have watched this film, and you’re not one of them?” 

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Authored by: Roganí Araya