Wendy Williams Son Seemingly Insinuates Story Of Wendy Intoxicatedly Stripping And Touching Herself Is A Lie


Wendy Williams Son Seemingly Insinuates Story Of Wendy Intoxicatedly Stripping And Touching Herself Is A Lie [SCREENSHOT]


Talk Show host, Wendy Williams, has been going through a lot of turmoil in her life regarding her health. With on-and-off addiction problems, there have been many needs for Wendy Williams to step back and take a break. However, the recent allegations of Wendy’s alleged sexually inappropriate acts has raised eyebrows. As news cycles began to run with the allegations, many fans wondered if the allegations were true.

Neither Wendy Williams nor her representatives have commented on the matter, but her son Kevin Jr. has seemingly broken his silence. He recently reposted a tweet to his Instagram story. The tweet read:

“When the hate don’t work they start telling lies”

The repost is seemingly a response to the undisclosed source of the story, who has not brought up any proof of Wendy Williams misconduct.

For those who aren’t fully aware of the story, Wendy Williams had reported on her show in 2019 that she was living in a sober-living facility to get over her addictions and detox her mind and body. As a result of her addiction, along with other underlying health problems, The Wendy Williams Show had been on a months-long hiatus. The show has recently begun filming again, with the filming of the show having started January 10th, but special guests will host the show in place of Wendy Williams until further notice.

Her son, Kevin Jr., made sure to let social media know that Wendy Williams was getting better on January 7th, 2022, as he videotaped her smiling and drinking what seems to be a smoothie while enjoying a salad in Miami. (Read more about it on The Jasmine Brand.)

As things seemed to be looking up for Wendy Williams, there began reports of erratic behavior from the talk show host on the set of her famous show. A source told The Sun that, during the week of an at-home taping of The Wendy Williams Show in May 2020, Wendy:

“stripped naked in her room and was touching herself in a sexual manner while shouting vulgar comments.”

The source claims that her manager and a few friends who witnessed the event were horrified, as they had initially come to her apartment to check on her mental and physical health. (Read more about it on The Jasmine Brand.)

After the story got out, many fans of the show showed sympathy for the talk show host, while others wondered the motives of the source’s decision to tell such a story, two years after the event allegedly occurred.



Whether the story is truthful or not, her fans seem to want the best for Wendy Williams during her journey for peace.



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Authored by: KJ Dodd