R. Kelly’s Attorneys Want To Be Removed From His Federal Sex Trafficking Case

R.Kelly mugshot

R. Kelly’s Attorneys Want To Be Removed From His Federal Sex Trafficking Case

It looks like R.Kelly is going to need to find new lawyers! Attorneys Steve Greenberg and Michael Leonard made requests to be removed from the singers federal criminal case in Chicago. Rumors began floating last week that both Greenberg and Leonard filed a motion to withdraw from the case. Greenberg confirmed the rumors were true on Friday (Jan.14).  Reportedly, the two lawyers also requested to withdraw from Kelly’s New York case back in June. Greenberg told CNN at the time that he felt that Kelly was,

“insistent that we work with people who we felt would be rendering ineffective assistance as counsel.”

R.Kelly is currently behind bars awaiting trial for the Chicago case where he faces charges for child pornography and obstruction of justice for paying hush money and intimidating witnesses to cover up his crimes.


In September, R.Kelly was convicted in a separate sex crimes and racketeering trial in New York in which a jury convicted him on nine counts. Kelly was found guilty of a racketeering charge. While it was only one count, it listed 14 underlying acts including kidnapping, forced labor, sex trafficking, and bribery. He was also charged with eight counts of violating the Mann Act, which makes it illegal to transport anyone across state lines for any immoral purpose.

The Chicago federal case is still pending. Attorneys Steve Greenberg and Michael Leonard have both declined further comments of their withdrawal from the case.

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Authored by: Monique Nicole