Rapper Omeretta Faces Backlash After Revealing The 6 Tattoos She Has Of Jailed Boyfriend [VIDEO]

Rapper Omeretta Faces Backlash After Revealing The 6 Tattoos She Has Of Jailed Boyfriend [VIDEO]

Omeretta The Great (real name Amaria Williams) is trending after showing just how much she loves her man! The 25-year-old rapper recently showed her fans a photo of the six tattoos of her incarcerated boyfriend, Ta’Byron Smith.


Her prison bae was sentenced to 27 years in prison for allegedly robbing multiple Asian businesses. Omeretta became widely known after becoming a member of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’s 10th season. The rapper made waves on social media during the show after stating her decision to hold her boyfriend down for the rest of his sentence.

Fans of Omeretta were already against the rapper’s decision to wait 20+ years for her boyfriend’s release. The latest news of Omeretta’s multi-tattoo tribute to the prisoner has gotten the same response, with many fans wondering why she needed to get his name tattooed on her body so many times.

Omeretta responds to her fans’ opinions with three posts to her Instagram story, where she begins by saying that she wasn’t even going to read the comments of media pages that post her tattoos, as she already knows that people are going to be negative towards her.

“Not even finna read these comments”

She then sends screenshots of her first conversation with her long-time boyfriend, showing that the two have been associated with each other since 2010, making their bond too close for her to leave him during his incarceration.

“Baby we so locked in don’t worry bout us”

Along with another post of their conversation in 2012

“This shit don’t stop how long y’all gone be mad?


Omeretta shows that she does not care about what fans think of her decision to tattoo her boyfriend’s name on her, and will continue to hold her prison bae down until he is home. It’s an unusual love story, but a love story nonetheless.

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Authored by: KJ Dodd