Halle Berry Reveals She Was Drunk When She Posted Wedding Prank Photo With Boyfriend Van Hunt

Halle Berry, Van Hunt

Halle Berry Reveals She Was Drunk When She Posted Wedding Prank Photo With Boyfriend Van Hunt

It looks like Halle Berry is clearing the air and giving an explanation behind her recent prank gone wrong! Earlier this month, the 55-year-old actress fooled us all when she posted a photo of her and 51-year-old boyfriend Van Hunt seemingly in a wedding chapel while on vacation. Halle captioned the post,

“Well, it’s official”

Fans quickly put it together and assumed Berry and Hunt had tied the knot. However, there was a second picture also posted that announced the new year! That photo was captioned,

“It’s 2022”

On Wednesday (Jan.26), Halle Berry finally shed some light on the prank gone wrong while on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. She revealed that she was intoxicated when she came up with the prank.

“We had copious amounts of drinks at the bar. We were trying to make it to our room when we passed this little chapel. We thought let’s go in here, let’s see what’s inside here.”

Berry said when they went inside the chapel, they got the wild idea to fool his mother and to take a photo of them and send it to her saying they got married. After taking the photo, they decided to post it on Instagram as a prank. According to Halle Berry, they thought if they included another photo saying ‘it’s 2022!’ people would catch on to the joke.

“No one got it. After 20 minutes went by we were like we are such a**holes. Everybody believes it….so many people don’t swipe.” 

She continued,

“I didn’t know people don’t swipe. Now, I’m never doing swipes again because I know no one looks at the s**t.”

 As previously reportedHalle Berry and Van Hunt made their relationship public back in September of 2020 but sources say they were dating several months prior to that. The pair seem to be very serious and not afraid to show their love. Berry even publicly thanked him at an event in November 2021 and said.

“My love, love, love — my sweetheart. I’ve never had a man that has lifted me up and let me be all that I am.”

Halle Berry and Van Hunt

The Oscar-winning actress is seemingly happier than ever and her relationship with Van Hunt has influenced her life in more ways than one. She said,

“I just feel fulfilled. I feel happy in my life romantically, as a mother, as an artist. I’m a much better mother in this circumstance than I would have been had I stayed in a romantic relationship that didn’t serve me and didn’t make me feel the way I need to feel as a woman.”

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Authored by: Monique Nicole