‘The Wendy Williams Show’ – Staff Believes Wendy Will Never Return, Amidst Rumors She Wanted To Fire Them

‘The Wendy Williams Show’ – Staff Believes Wendy Will Never Return, Amidst Rumors She Wanted To Fire Them

Rumors about Wendy Williams continue to swirl, but sources are adamant about the host never returning.

Lauded TV host Wendy Williams has been the subject of some bizarre rumors ever since she last appeared on her talk show. Earlier this week, it was reported that Wendy wanted to fire her entire production team. Shortly after, rumors began to circulate that the infamous host was the one being fired. While the story seems to change by the minute, sources appear to agree on one idea: Wendy will never return to her purple chair.

Wendy Williams

According to a source, Wendy has become extremely paranoid about her staff. She reportedly fears that they’ve been feeding information to the media. The shattered trust is one of the many reasons why a return doesn’t seem feasible. The source said:

“She is paranoid about the staff gossiping about her and delusional in the idea that that cleaning house could even happen. It’s like she’s trying to hold people hostage- and is saying I will only return if everyone is fired, but there is no way it could or would happen.”

They continued:

“She can’t come back and work with this staff- she doesn’t trust them and she can’t do a show that way- and they don’t trust her, since she hasn’t been there in five months with no tangible info or updates coming from her or her team.”

Although things are still in limbo for The Wendy Williams Show, Wendy has not been fired. A source revealed:

“Production is running out the clock with all these guest hosts. They’re literally just waiting for the season to end, and after that, it’s gone.”

The show will reportedly enter a syndicated run for a full season, and production will continue until it concludes.

Continuing their explanation, the source added:

“If she’s officially fired or quits, all those stations could potentially pull out of the contract.”

Wendy Williams hosted her self-titled talk show for–what could become–the last time in July 2021. Celebrities like Leah Remini, Sherri Shepherd, and Michael Rapaport have filled in as guest hosts.

The reason for Wendy’s hiatus remains a mystery.

A leaked 911 call suggested that she’d been having psychiatric issues. Her past drug abuse problems, among other ailments, have also been considered. She has been photographed in a wheelchair and looks unwell whenever she is spotted in public.

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Authored by: Roganí Araya