T.I. Is Taking His Potential Stand-Up Career Seriously: I Think I Like It Here


T.I. Is Taking His Potential Stand-Up Career Seriously: I Think I Like It Here

It’s no jokey joke that Atlanta native T.I. has been known to stretch his talents beyond the music industry. Just last week, his wife Tameka “Tiny” Harris was seen on social media showing love to her husband of 11 years, supporting his newest project diving into the world of stand-up comedy.


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Now the “Live Your Life” rapper is opening up on how it’s been two weeks into his most recent venture.

T.I. & Tiny

Hip-hop icon T.I. aka Tip Harris apparently has been busy putting that work into his new comedy career. The A.S.A.P artist opened up to fans on his Instagram earlier today (Jan. 28th) discussing the time and dedication he’s been putting while learning the craft of comedy. In the post the writes:

“In about 2 weeks of doing stand-up comedy full time (every day 2-3 shows a night sometimes) I’ve learned from,& earned the respect & approval of some of the funniest people I know in this shit. I can honestly say I’ve had nights where I tore they ass up (shown above)& I had nights I was figuring the shit out
(nothing there I care to share)but I appreciate having the opportunity to adjust & improve.”

T.I. goes on to acknowledge all the vets in the comedy game that have shown him love and acceptance during his journey, and even thanks all the people who doubted his ability to make it this far so fast.

He continues:

“I’m also truly appreciative and humbled by the warm welcome I’ve been receiving from real comedic vets in this shit. Allowing me the opportunity to learn,grow & accept harsh critical ridicule from the best!!! I’ve developed a true admiration & respect for the skill set required to stand up in front of people with no hit records or catchy hooks to carry you through the performance… just you and a room full of anxious eyes ready to be entertained.
I’m aware that a few may doubt my ability to hone the craft effectively in such a short time & I even appreciate that energy because that’s what made me take this shit serious!!! & now… I think I LIKE IT HERE!!!”

Tips debut performance was reportedly 40 minutes long, and judging by his excitement it seems we’ll be seeing plenty more from T.I. the comedian in the future!

Would ya’ll be interested in seeing T.I.’s stand-up routine? Give us your thoughts in the comments below!


Authored by: Kay Johnson