Don Lemon Slams Former Friend Chris Cuomo For Breaking ‘Journalistic Standards’ + Questions If Cuomo Will Receive A Severance Package

Don Lemon Slams Former Friend Chris Cuomo For Breaking ‘Journalistic Standards’ + Questions If Cuomo Will Receive A Severance Package


It appears the years-long friendship between Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo has come to an end! According to Radar Online, Lemon spoke out against his former friend/coworker Cuomo, during a meeting with WarnerMedia CEO, Jason Kilar. This meeting took place just one week after CNN’s now-former president, Jeff Zucker, was forced to step down due to being in a “consensual relationship” with CNN exec VP and Chief Marketing Officer Allison Gollust, which allegedly violates company policy on office romances.

In a statement released by Jeff Zucker, the former boss revealed that during Chris Cuomo’s investigation, information of him having a relationship with a colleague was brought to the forefront and questioned.

Reportedly, CNN staffers who are upset over Zucker’s departure, fired off several questions to Kilar during their meeting on Monday (Feb.7). One person that was vocal during the tense meeting was CNN host, Don Lemon. Jason Kilar was reportedly asked by a CNN staffer if the company plans on paying Chris Cuomo his severance; Lemon allegedly jumped in the conversation and had some thoughts of his own. Reportedly, Lemon asked,

“Did you think about what message it sends to the journalists in the company and also to the larger public that someone can be found to break with those journalistic standards and then get paid handsomely for it?” 

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According to sources, Lemon claimed he was asking “on behalf of people who posed that question to him.” Kilar did not answer the question involving Cuomo.

It’s been almost two months since former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo met his sudden departure with the network. As previously reported, Chris Cuomo was fired from CNN in December after news broke of his involvement with his brother, former New York governor Andrew Cuomo’s, alleged sex allegation PR cover up. The former “Cuomo Prime Time” host is currently fighting for the $18 million left on his contract.

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Lemon and Cuomo developed a “bromance” after years of friendship. The CNN hosts regularly expressed how much they love each other and spoke about how their relationship extended outside of work. However, it looks like the once close friends are now on opposite sides.


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Authored by: Monique Nicole